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You’ll Soon Be Able to Download Shows From Hulu

Dave Parrack 19-01-2017

Hulu is set to introduce offline viewing before the end of 2017. That is if its CEO delivers on his promise. Details are very thin on the ground, with no specific timeline or promise of what content will be included. However, downloads are definitely coming to Hulu. Soon.


Hulu CEO Mike Hopkins recently spoke to AdWeek about all things Hulu. In a wide-ranging interview covering several different topics (but not 4K content Hulu Adds 4K Content You Probably Can't Watch Hulu has added 4K content to the streaming service. Unfortunately, not only are the initial offerings limited, most people won't have the hardware required to watch it. Read More ), Hopkins was asked whether “the ability to download content to one’s device” is “something Hulu will be offering”?

He replied, “Yes, it’s definitely on our road map. It’s something that we’re going be doing in a few months. We’re working hard on the technology around that and getting the rights squared away.”

This essentially means Hulu is working furiously behind-the-scenes to make this happen, but progress is slow. Offering downloads of shows owned by other companies is a complex business. As each copyright-holder will have to give express permission for their shows to be offered for offline viewing.

Amazon Beats Netflix Beats Hulu

So, assuming everything goes to plan, Hulu will soon be offering downloads for offline viewing. Which will be a blessing for anyone who travels regularly (thus finding themselves without an internet connection), or who is stuck with a low mobile data cap. Verizon Unlimited customers limited to a measly 200GB-a-month Verizon Limits Unlimited Data Plans to 200GB If you're lucky enough to be using a Verizon Wireless unlimited data plan, you'd better start keeping a close eye on your data usage. Or else. Read More need not apply.

In offering downloads for offline viewing, Hulu is following in the footsteps of Netflix, which launched downloads You Can Now Download Netflix Shows to Watch Offline Netflix is now allowing users to download content from its catalog to watch offline. This means you can enjoy Netflix even when you can't find a decent internet connection! Read More at the end of November 2016. Netflix wasn’t the first to that particular party though, with Prime subscribers able to download Amazon shows How to Download Amazon Prime Videos to Watch Offline Amazon Prime Video lets you download movies and TV shows to watch offline for free. Here's how to download Amazon Prime videos. Read More since at least 2015.


Do you regularly watch Hulu? Which shows do you watch on Hulu? Would you take advantage of the ability to download shows for offline viewing? Is there another feature you’d prefer Hulu to introduce? Please let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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