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How to Download and Save All Your Instagram Photos

Ben Stegner 26-09-2018

If you’ve used Instagram for a while, you’ve probably built up quite a collection of photos. You can always view them on your Instagram page, but what if you want to save copies as a backup?


Thankfully, it’s pretty easy to save Instagram photos. In this article we’ll show you how to save photos from Instagram on iOS, Android, and your PC. This also works for saving other people’s Instagram photos.

How to Download Instagram Photos All at Once

If you want to download everything you’ve posted on Instagram How to Download a Copy of All Your Instagram Data Right Now Want to download a copy of everything you've uploaded to Instagram? Here's how to download all your Instagram data. Read More in one go, you can use Instagram’s simple tool on your computer or phone.

To use it, first log into Instagram on your desktop or laptop, or open the mobile app.

On mobile, tap the Profile icon in the bottom-right, followed by the Menu in the upper-right and Settings at the bottom of the slide-out menu. Choose Data Download from the list.

On desktop, click the Profile icon in the upper-right corner to open your page, then click the Settings gear next to the Edit Profile button. In the resulting menu, choose Privacy and Security.


Here, scroll down to the Data Download header and click Request Download.


Either method will take you to Instagram’s download request page, where you can get a copy of everything you’ve posted on Instagram.

Instagram says this includes all “your photos, comments, profile information, and more.” This can take up to 48 hours, but shouldn’t take more than a few minutes to an hour in most cases. Your email address should already be in the field, so click Next to continue.


You’ll need to then enter your password, and Instagram will start generating the data.


Soon, you’ll get an email with a link to everything you’ve ever shared on Instagram.

How to Save Instagram Photos on iOS

Instagram doesn’t allow you to download your own photos on iOS, Android, or the web. You might be tempted to download an app that claims to do this for you, but you should stay away from most of these. Never enter your Instagram password into a third-party app, as doing so could compromise your account.


However, some apps are safe to use because they don’t require your credentials. One is DownloadGram, which works just as well on mobile and desktop.

First, find the photo you want to download. If it’s one of yours, tap the three-dot button above the post and choose Share > Copy Link. For someone else’s photo, tap the three-dot button and choose Copy Link. Next, open DownloadGram in Safari or another browser.

Long-press in the URL box and choose Paste to add the link to your photo. Then press Download. After a moment, you’ll see a Download image button. Tapping this will lead you to a new tab with just the image. Long-press it and choose Save Image to save a local copy.


For future reference, you can also toggle a setting in the Instagram app to save all posts. Tap the Profile icon in the bottom-right corner, then the three-bar Menu in the top-right. Tap Settings at the bottom of the slide-out menu.

Choose Original Photos from the list here. If you enable Save Original Photos, Instagram will save a copy of the unedited version of photos you take with the Instagram camera.

How to Download Instagram Photos on Android

The process for download Instagram photos on Android is quite similar to the above process for iOS. We’ll cover it with Android screenshots due to a few minor differences.

Open Instagram and find the picture you want to save. Tap on the three-dot Menu button above the post and choose Copy Link to add it to your clipboard. Next, open Chrome or another browser and go to DownloadGram.

Press and hold inside the text field to show the Paste option, and tap that. Then hit Download, followed by Download image once it’s ready. In Chrome, the image should download in seconds. You’ll see a prompt at the bottom of the page to open it.

If you miss this, you can open it later by tapping Downloads from Chrome’s menu, or using a file browser to explore the Downloads folder.

You’ll find a similar option for saving a copy of all future posts, too. Tap your Profile icon in the bottom-right of the app, then press the three-bar Menu button and choose Settings at the bottom. From the next menu, choose Original Posts.

Enable the options here to save copes of everything you post to your phone’s storage.

How to Download Instagram Photos on PC

DownloadGram works fine on your desktop or laptop too. Just click the Share button on an Instagram post and choose Copy Link. Paste it into DownloadGram to open the image just like on mobile.

If you want to get a bit technical, you can use an Instagram hack to access the image through the page’s source code. Click a photo’s timestamp (such as 15 Minutes Ago) to open its permalink. Then right-click the image and choose View page source.


You’ll see a bunch of HTML code. Press Ctrl + F to search, and enter og:image to jump to the only line that contains this. Here, find the URL that appears after content=. It will usually end in JPG or PNG.


Copy this URL and open it in a new tab. Then you can right-click and choose Save image as to download a copy.

Don’t Forget About Bookmarking

While it’s not the same as downloading, you can also click/tap the Bookmark icon on a post to save it for later. Access these by tapping sliding out the menu on your profile page and choosing Saved.

This allows you to jump back to a photo without copying the link or downloading it, and is just one of Instagram’s lesser-known features. Note that if the user takes down a photo you saved, the bookmark won’t work any more.

Saving Instagram Photos Made Easy

We’ve covered how to download everything you’ve posted to Instagram, how to save a copy of anyone’s photo, and even how to grab an image from the source code on desktop. These methods should enable you to download pretty much any photo on Instagram.

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