Download Free & Fearsome Halloween Printables for All Ages

Mihir Patkar 18-10-2016

The internet hosts myriad awesome sites full of free stuff to print 5 Awesome Sites Full of Free Stuff to Print Here are some of the awesome things you can print for free. You can print anything on the web -- from cheat sheets for your kitchen to details maps for any travel destination. Read More . Why should Halloween be any different? If you know where to look, your printer is all you’ll need this October 31 for anything.


Remember, you’ll need a good printer if you’re going to use any of these, preferably with a color cartridge. If you don’t have one, seek out your local print shop. It’ll still be cheaper than buying readymade decorations.

Halloween Party Invitations

Everyone and their neighbor is throwing a Halloween party. What will make people come to your party? An invitation card that shows just how much effort you’re willing to put into your party.

Halloween Printables -- Owl Invitations

The folks at The Balance gathered up links of fantastic printable invitations from different places on the web. Of the lot, Martha Stewart’s owl invitations are our favorite, but there’s a large collection here, so pick what suits your style.

Make sure you go to a good printer to get these done. The colors are more complex than what a budget home or small-office printer How To Pick The Best Printer For Your Budget & Workload So much for the paperless office! The integration of information technology has seemingly increased the amount of paper printing we have to do. So pretty much everyone with a computer needs a printer at some... Read More will be able to handle well.


Halloween Party Decorations

Kelli, AKA the Freebie Finding Mom, lives up to her name with this collection of free printable decorations with a Halloween theme. It’s easier than using smart technology to spruce up your Halloween party.

Halloween Printables -- Party Decorations

They’re not all her own, but the links still work and you’ll get a variety of monsters and thematic artifacts. There’s a dracula, a scarecrow, a Halloween flag/banner, a spider’s web, a bat banner, a black cat, Frankenstein, a skeleton, little ghosts, or an assortment of wall decorations.

Download, print, and you’re ready to go. Perfect to fix your house up at the last minute.


Spooky Silhouettes for Your Window

For last-minute home decoration, nothing is easier than The Graphics Fairy’s spooky silhouettes. She has designs of a vulture, a raven, a rat, and a crow.

Halloween Printables -- Window Silhouettes

The designs are just outlines. Print them out, then put them on black cardpaper or stock paper. Cut along the design and you have your silhouette. Go stick it on your window. It’s a cheap and classic decoration trick for Halloween 8 Cheap & Classic Halloween Decorations To Trick Out Your Home If you're stuck for time, the quickest way to make your house incredibly scary is to buy some classic decoration pieces from Amazon. Read More .

The Graphics Fairy recommends covering the inside of the window with rolls of white paper, so the silhouette really stands out against the light.


Monster Masks for Munchkins!

The internet is full of masks you can print out. But Mr. Printables has made perhaps the best masks for children this Halloween.

Halloween Printables -- Monster Masks

There are six masks you can print: a black cat, a green monster, a scary moth, a Jack O’Lantern, a skull, and a spider. You can download the final artistic version, or get the blank uncolored one to unleash your creative juices. Remember, coloring can be a surprising stress-buster Coloring for Adults: The Best Websites for Free Printables The Internet is lauding coloring as the latest way to de-stress after a hectic day. Head to these free printable websites if the idea just lit a fire. Read More .

Ideally use heavy stock paper to print the masks. You’ll also need a craft knife to cut the eye holes. And some glue and rubber bands to wear around the ears.


If you want masks for adults instead of munchkins, check out WonderHowTo’s collection. Or you can get some hideously scary Halloween makeup ideas 29 Hideously Scary Halloween Makeup Ideas You Can Borrow From the Web Halloween is almost here! Get inspired by these fantastic makeup ideas and tutorials to give anyone a scare this season. Read More from the web.

Halloween Finger Puppets for Kids

Here’s a cute one. You are going all out with your kid’s Halloween costume, but a few more accessories won’t hurt. These printable finger puppets are fantastic. And they will keep the child’s enthusiasm intact before donning the costume.

Halloween Printables -- Finger Puppets

Make And Takes’ single A4 sheet should ideally be printed on a thick paper, or printed and pasted on cardboard. Use a sharp pair of scissors to cut around the shapes. Punch or cut holes where shown, so that your child can stick their fingers through it. Finger puppets!

Patterns and Stencils for Pumpkin Carving

Unless you’re a skilled craftsman, you can’t just grab a carving knife and go nuts with that pumpkin. Carving a face is difficult work. Pumpkin Pile makes it easier than ever though.

Halloween Printables -- Pumpkin Pile

The site is filled with patterns for Jack o’Lantern faces. Browse through categories like traditional, classic Jacks, cartoons, movies, super heroes, sports, video games, words, celebrities, vehicles, animals, and symbols. Each pattern has a difficulty rating, so you know what you’re getting into.

Download it, print it out, and hold it to your hollowed-out pumpkin. Using a toothpick, poke a bunch of holes along the outline. Then get your knife and start carving. Don’t worry, Pumpkin Pile has full instructions.

It’s a slow process, but get through it and you’ll have the best-looking Jack o’Lantern in the neighborhood. Pumpkin Pile is great for free DIY Halloween projects 5 Best Sites for Free Halloween Do-It-Yourself Projects Read More .

Jack o’Lantern and Parts

In case you’ve bought a pumpkin but are feeling too lazy to carve it, here’s a simple alternative. Family Education has a bunch of printable masks that you can simply stick on the pumpkin.

Halloween Printables -- Jack o'Lantern Parts

You can choose from an array of black eyes, noses, and mouths. Print it on a piece of paper, cut it out, and use some tape to stick it. It’s not going to look awe-inspiring, but it’ll get the job done.

If you haven’t bought a pumpkin, the site has you covered there too. Just download their Jack o’Lantern printable and print it. It’s blank white with an outline, so you can even fill it with different colors if you want.

Pop-Up Pumpkin

You want to stand out from the crowd? Spend a little time making Rob Ives’s pop-up pumpkin. Everyone is going to remember the person who made these incredible little things.

Halloween Printables -- Pop-Up Pumpkins

The pop-up pumpkin is all about paper art. You print out the downloadable PDF, and cut, fold, and glue as instructed. It’s not an easy project, but the end result is stunning.

Squash and flatten it, and put it into your Halloween invitation or under a glass. When someone picks it up, the Pop-Up Pumpkin will pop out into a 3D pumpkin! It’s not one of the amazing props you can make with a Raspberry Pi 10 Amazing Halloween Props You Can Make with a Raspberry Pi Read More , but it’s flat out cool nonetheless.

Cute Ghouls Wrapping Paper [No Longer Available]

If you plan on giving a few gifts this Halloween, wrap it in this cute ghoul-themed wrapping paper. It’s so well made and it looks so great! You could even use it to create little parcels of candy.

Halloween Printables -- Ghouls Wrapping Paper

The paper is available in two colors: black and white. The ghouls stand out more against the black one, but that obviously will use much more ink. If you’re printing at home, go with the white version. The black version is good for printing at a professional store.

Hand-Drawn Halloween Labels or Stickers

Kristen Magee set to work making a set of hand-drawn labels with a Halloween theme, going with the white-black-orange colors. They look incredibly cool and will give a visual boost to just about anything.

Halloween Printables -- Labels and Stickers

You can print them on a regular paper and use tape to stick them, or print them out on sticker paper. Remember, if you’re using sticker paper, cut them before you peel them! If you peel first, you’ll have limited time to cut the sticker.

Halloween Bingo Cards

If you’re entertaining a bunch of kids (or senior citizens), nothing passes the time like playing Bingo. Heidi from OneCreativeMommy made a set of 30 unique Halloween-themed bingo cards that you can download for free.

Halloween Printables -- Bingo Cards

This is a perfect tool for teachers who want to bring a little festive cheer into their classroom. The PDF also comes with 24 singular images of the icons, which you can cut and mix. Pick from them and make a grand show.

What Should You Print and What You Shouldn’t?

In our opinion, while there’s plenty of other stuff you can print, it might be more advisable to buy it. For example, cupcake wrappers shouldn’t be printed at home on regular A4 sheets, you should be using special wrapper paper.

Which items do you think are better bought than printed for a cheap DIY hack?

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