DoudouLinux Brings Educational Software To Your Children’s Fingertips [Linux]

Jessica Cam Wong 29-05-2012

educational software for kidsThe days that Linux were thought of as complicated are over Make Switching From Windows To Linux Easier With Zorin OS Linux is not hard to use or understand, but it simply doesn't fit the Windows mindset that most people have. Expecting to do everything in Linux exactly like in Windows is where problems start appearing,... Read More . If you don’t believe that, realize that Ubuntu 4 Things You'll Love About Ubuntu 12.04 The new version of Ubuntu–12.04, codename "Precise Pangolin"– is officially here. 12.04 improves on Unity's strengths, and addresses some of your old complaints. It's fast, includes new features desktop users will love, and, as always,... Read More for instance, has reached 20 million active users. There are even Linux distributions The Best Linux Operating Distros The best Linux distros are hard to find. Unless you read our list of the best Linux operating systems for gaming, Raspberry Pi, and more. Read More aimed for children, which is great news since that means your child might be on his or her way to gaining exposure to Linux as a simplified operating system as well as exposure to healthier games and applications.


If your child is two years old or older, rejoice, because today we will be taking a look at a Debian-based distro from France specifically designed for children, DoudouLinux. Doudou is apparently a word that means wubby (the security blanket or teddy bear that some children take with them everywhere) in French and Chinese. Thus, this distro 4 Recommended Linux Distros To Help You Choose The Right One For You When you finally decide to take the plunge and have a stroll through Linux Avenue, you'll need to be able to decide which distro is right for you. Making the right choice is an important... Read More is trying to provide a very safe and user-friendly environment for children to learn and play.

One of the great things about DoudouLinux first, is that it’s designed to be used as a live CD, which is truly one Windows Users: Here Is Why You Need A Linux Live CD Read More of the most useful 4 Reasons Every Windows User Should Have An Ubuntu Live CD Read More things ever The 50 Cool Uses for Live CDs Live CDs are perhaps the most useful tool in any geek's toolkit. This live CD how-to guide outlines many uses live CDs or DVDs can offer, from data recovery to enhancing privacy. Read More . The minimum system requirements 14 Lightweight Linux Distributions to Give Your Old PC New Life Need a lightweight operating system? These special Linux distros can run on older PCs, some with as little as 100MB of RAM. Read More for this distro are 256 MB of memory, a 800 MHz processor and 800 x 600 dots display. As for the downloadable ISO and image files, the size ranges from around 670 MB (stable versions) to 1 GB (developmental versions). I downloaded the Gondwana version, which is DoudouLinux 1.1 in ISO format in English (there is support for 26 languages) and created my live USB The Best Portable Apps That Require No Installation Portable apps don't need installation. You can run them from even a flash drive. Here are the best portable apps around. Read More from a 2 GB stick with Linux Live USB Creator Linux Live USB Creator: Easily Boot Linux From Your Flash Drive Read More or LiLi 6 Absolutely Gorgeous Open-Source Project Websites While there are many commercial sites that look fascinating, today we are honoring an incomplete selection of open-source project sites that we think look gorgeous, which means that in addition to the great software they... Read More , though you can also use Unetbootin How To Install Linux With Ease Using UNetbootin We've already talked about Linux and why you should try it, but probably the hardest part of getting used to Linux is getting it in the first place. For Windows users, the simplest way is... Read More to create the live USB key.

Once you boot up from USB, you will see a screen to choose to start DoudouLinux with or without persistence.

educational software for kids

After this screen, you or your child will see a screen to choose among a list of activities.


educational software

Your child can choose to start Gamine or Pysycache, both of which involve learning to use the mouse e.g. forming patterns from every mouse movement. There are also many other educational games 5 Casual Linux Games You Probably Don't Know About Read More your child can choose from or they can simply start TuxPaint for a fun session of digital drawing and painting.

educational software

There are also many other educational games that you can switch into. Childsplay, for instance, is an open-source project hosted on Sourceforge that contains a collection of games that teach basic math, the alphabet, spelling and more.


educational software

If your child is a bit older, he or she can also choose to start Mini DoudouLinux or Whole DoudouLinux. Whole DoudouLinux for example, feels like a desktop, with 5 category tabs, each of which contains links to applications for that category. Besides the educational games, your child can interact with multimedia applications, like a piano keyboard application, or a sound-recording program.

educational software linux

What distinguishes Mini from Whole is that Mini only displays 2 tabs, the Learn and Tune tabs, the last of which has links to settings that will let you adjust your volume, mouse, or even change printing options.


educational software for kids

One of the best features of DoudouLinux is that besides the myriad of educational programs included in the distro, your child can make use of all these resources without ever modifying the contents of the host system, the biggest perk of live CD/USB mode.

Overall, DoudouLinux rocks as a way to help your children ease into using computers with educational games and programs.

What are your thoughts on such a distro? Would you let your children use it? Let us know your comments in the section below!


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  1. David Commini
    June 7, 2012 at 8:08 pm

    Are there any language programs that come with this to teach children Spanish, or Italian? What about anything for some older kids on the more technical level, like an intro to programming (basic stuff, i don't expect a 7yo to write an entire OS)

  2. Dhanushka
    May 30, 2012 at 7:57 am

    This will be really helpfull. Thanks.