Dot-o-mator: Discover Domains You Wouldn’t Have Thought About
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Dot-o-mator is a domain name suggestor that lets you generate unusual domain names that rhyme and then quickly check their availability. We have already mentioned a number of domain generators 6 Domain Generators To Find That Killer Domain Name 6 Domain Generators To Find That Killer Domain Name Read More before but Dot-o-mator is different.

First you need to enter a primary word for your domain (a term describing your site or business). Next, choose the topic area (Tech, Shops etc.) to get a list of relevant “endings”. Then click to combine them. Afterwards you will be presented with a list of domain names that you can check for availability and optionally save any of them on a provided scratch board.

check domain availability

domain name generator


  • Domain name generator.
  • Generate as many domains as you like.
  • Also lets you quickly check it’s availability.
  • iPhone version supported (not free).
  • For more similar tools see our article “”.

Check out Dot-o-mator @

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