Don’t Throw It Out Just Yet: 6 DIY Upcycling Websites That Show How to Repurpose Waste

Saikat Basu 29-05-2013

upcycling websitesI am sure if you saw the Great Pacific garbage patch, you would get an idea of the waste we throw out as a species. It is just one of the concentrations of plastic and waste debris out there. The lesser ones are all around us in our own neighborhoods. We always talk about recycling or reusing old stuff to protect the environment 10 Websites That Help You Recycle Or Reuse Old Stuff & Protect Our Environment Read More . It’s probably easier to send away stuff so that it gets recycled. It’s slightly more difficult to adapt a DIY approach and reuse old throwaways in a newer way. Well, that’s the difference between recycling and upcycling.


Upcycling is the process of turning old or discarded materials into something useful (and hopefully beautiful) instead of treating them as junk. As geeks, we have taken a look at 8 Creative Ideas To Recycle Your Mobile Phone Without Throwing It Out 8 Creative Ideas To Recycle Your Mobile Phone Without Throwing It Out Recycle mobile phones. I wish that should be the catchphrase for all of us to live by. While researching this article, I came across quite a few official mobile industry websites of consumer rich countries... Read More . Then again, Nancy wrote about ten more ideas to repurpose and reuse everyday objects 10 Great Geek Hacks: Repurpose Everyday Objects & Get The Most Out Of Your Electronics If you're looking for a way to get the most out of old everyday objects that have become obsolete, like cassette tapes and CD's, or want to put everyday objects like binder clips, bread clips... Read More for your geek lifestyle. Upcycling ideas are all around us. If you are short of inspiration, here are seven upcycling websites which can help to light the green spark.

Hipcycle [Broken URL Removed]

upcycling websites

Hipcycle is one of the leading online stores for upcycled wares. Hipcycle collects the products from its chain of global partners including individuals and showcases them on the site for sale. Every product on Hipcycle has the details of its source. From traffic lights repurposed as bird feeders to clipboards made out of circuit boards, the site is choc-a-bloc of ideas even if don’t want to spend a dime. One of the nicer features is that you can search for products by the materials used to make them.

The Hipcycle blog is another source for creative inspiration. Look for the how-to and DIY tags on the left to filter the respective posts and start your own upcycling journey. Not many tutorials there, but the blog in general is an idea hose.


upcycling ideas


Read about the 18-year old who built a submarine out of a drain pipe. Could that be the absolute acme of upcycling! That and much here, on this green blog which is all about innovation in technology and design. So, you have suitcases turned into bird shelters along with plans for a skydiving center made from shipping containers. If you are interested in sustainable design and what’s happening to all the waste that’s being produced, this blog does a pretty good job of giving you the latest news. The articles collated under upcycling are worth a read always.


upcycling ideas

Well, we have covered this well-know DIY site a few times at From DIY beer to upcycling in your garden 10 Free Resources For Garden DIY & Upcycling Inspiration If you love gardening and like making things with your own hands, today's collection is right for you! This post shares ten most useful resources that will get you inspired and your creativity flowing: they... Read More and more, Instructables is a bounty of well-illustrated tutorials.  You have to sift through the site to find the specific tutorial you are interested in. Rest assured that if you have thought of it, there’s more than a fair chance that a tutorial is there on it. For instance, you probably didn’t know that you could make pom-poms from old VHS tapes.


upcycling ideas


Get inspired through pictures. Recyclart is a visual journey in the manner of Pinterest. Clicking on the images takes you to the source site where the how-to is better explained. You can also contribute your own ideas or any link you might have come across. There are almost 190+ pages of ideas, so I am pretty sure you will not run out of inspiration.

Craftgawker is another upcycling aggregator along similar lines.

Made By Joel

This is a very neat blog that’s focused on children, their toys, and handmade education projects for children. The projects on the site are organized around age. From a DIY fabric football to Wall Hanging Box Aquariums, the projects are do-able by kids and parents alike. It’s always better if parents also participate as Joel Henriques advocates in most of his tutorials. The site is a lot about crafts and toys, but you can use materials readily available around the house to make them.

Upcycle Magazine

upcycling websites


Upcycle Magazine is all about project ideas, product reviews and interesting stories from all across the world of upcycling and recycling. The site is a professional effort. I was pulled into the site by a tutorial that showed how to make a Storm Trooper helmet with milk jugs. I never got to make it, but the idea was very appealing for a Star Wars fan like me. The one project I am working on right now is making a newspaper and magazine basket out of old newspapers.

If you are still short of inspiration, pick out some from these 100 upcycling ideas that anyone can do. It’s a great list and the links are sure to lead you to more DIY kicks. Then there’s Tumblr and Reddit to fill every corner of your life with upcycling ideas. Upcycling is thankfully catching on. So, there are a lot of good ideas out there. Maybe, you have some of them. Don’t waste it (pun intended)…pour it out in the comments. Planet Earth and all of us just might thank you for it.

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    great list of upcycling sites here. I would add They are a Las Vegas based company that takes in 15,000 bottles from the Vegas strip that would have ended up in a landfill and turns them into beautiful drink ware, candles and other home decor.

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