Don’t Squint or Strain: Improve Readability in Firefox With These 8 Add-Ons

Sandy Writtenhouse 24-06-2015

Whether you spend several hours per day on your computer for school or work, use your display often at night while others are in the room, or just want to improve your reading 10 Surprisingly Simple Time Hacks For Reading More Every Day There is just too much to read, and so little time. Their is just one obvious antidote against all excuses – you have to make time to read. The gold-plated question is how. Read More experience, there are Firefox extensions to help.


Each add-on in this list has its own offerings and purpose. So, take a look and see which would fit your needs the best.


Tranquility Reader

Tranquility Reader enhances the readability of websites and articles by removing certain components of the page. To use the extension, just activate the context menu by right-clicking your mouse on any link.

Choose Tranquility and a new tab will open with the contents of the link in a more readable format. It removes images, advertisements, and styling to provide a clean look. In addition to making articles easier to read, Tranquility Reader offers annotation and lookups for highlighted text using Wiktionary or Wikipedia The 7 Coolest Wikipedia Plugins for Your Browser Read More .



Settings for the display are easily customizable. You can enable the background image or use a certain color. You can also set specific colors for font, links, and annotation highlighting. Select the font size and style along with the reading width, light height, and text alignment.

Tranquility Reader is perfect if you do a lot of research online or spend many hours reading on your favorite websites.

Theme Font & Size Changer

The Theme Font & Size Changer is designed to improve your Firefox display rather than website displays. When you select the button in your toolbar, you can adjust the zoom level, font style and size, and colors for background and font as well.

These settings will be applied to your Firefox menus, toolbars, and tabs. You can also enable support for your context menus.



Even if you use Firefox themes or other customization options that are available, this extension can quickly ensure that your browser is readable for your specific needs and preferences.

Read Easily [No Longer Available]

Read Easily is another Firefox extension that changes the style of a webpage or article to provide easier reading. It basically removes any styling and displays the page as if it were in print preview mode. It does not remove the images from the page, which is actually nice if you enjoy viewing them.



This extension is very helpful for those websites using background colors that making reading the text difficult. To use, just select Disable Styles from your context menu. There is also supposed to be a toolbar button; however, one did not display for me. But, the context menu selection works just fine.

Read Easily is an easy way to quickly switch off page styling making the text more readable.

Reasy [No Longer Available]

The Reasy extension is an interesting one. After installing, you simply select at least 25 words on a page and a pop-up will appear. If for some reason it does not, just select Reasy in your context menu.

Within the pop-up is the text you selected, presented in shorter amounts of words with colored background and text. Just click the text in the pop-up and it will continue to go through the article, showing you the text in the number of words at a time you have chosen.



You can customize several settings for Reasy such as opacity and colors for font and background of the pop-up. You can also create action keys to skip forward or back, enable or disable the auto play, select your font style and size, and dim the original page for a more distraction-free reading experience.

Reasy can act a little quirky at times by rapid auto play speed or the loading icon appearing. But for the most part, it is a decent extension providing a different way to read articles.

NoSquint [No Longer Available]

NoSquint is a great way to change settings for a certain website that you visit often or even globally. You can adjust both the full page or text zoom levels. You can also choose colors for the text, background, visited, and unvisited links. There is an option to disable background images as well.


You can use the toolbar icons to access NoSquint and make your adjustments as you visit your preferred websites. Or, go all in and make the changes globally so that every site you visit will provide a consistent reading experience.

NoSquint works very well and is really easy to configure.



Textmarker provides a simple method for highlighting different text on a page Marker.To: Highlight Any Text on a Webpage & Share Read More . To use, just select the text you would like to highlight and click your “M” key. For different text on the same page in a second color, click your “2” key. For a third color, click your “3” key. Each highlight will remain on the page even if you navigate to another tab.


You can set the background and text colors per key. You can also select a different font style, size, or other formatting options. You can even choose to save or copy your highlighted text and store it in the extension’s history for access to it later.

Textmarker would be handy for research or presentations when you need to point out certain words or phrases to your audience.

Turn Off the Lights

Turn Off the Lights is a convenient extension if you view a lot of online videos. Just click the light bulb button in your toolbar and the background is automatically dimmed for you. This provides a really good experience for watching short videos or even movies on your screen.

You can change the opacity, set the extension to automatically dim upon click of the play button for YouTube or HTML5 videos How To Stop Auto-playing Flash And HTML5 Videos In Firefox Does auto-play video drive you mad? We'll talk you through the best ways to stop auto-playing videos in your Firefox browser. Read More . Using the AutoPlay feature, the dimmed display will automatically return to normal if the video is paused or has ended.

You can enable light effects around the video player, use a spotlight around your cursor, and even use dynamic backgrounds. There is also an Eye Protection feature which will dim the page you are viewing in Firefox in the evening.

Turn Off the Lights offers a lot of customization so that your video viewing is the best it can be.

Night Mode Page Dim

Another extension for adjusting your display is Night Mode Page Dim. This one is not specific to videos, however.

It is used to change the color of the page you are viewing as well as Firefox. Just select the moon icon in your toolbar and you will see the page and Firefox background turn dark while the font turns light.

Then just click it again to go back to normal. For reading in the evening or when others are trying to sleep in the same room, this is a helpful extension.


It’s All About the Best Reading Experience

Easing eye strain 10 Dark Windows Themes & Skins To Reduce Eye Strain Do you struggle with headaches or irritated eyes? You may be dealing with eye strain. Computer screens can be glaringly bright, especially in the dark. Dark themes could be your free remedy. Read More , reducing headache risk, or even being conscious of those around us are great reasons to use these types of extensions. Do you have thoughts on whether these extensions could improve the reading you do 8 Great Places To Find Articles Worth Reading On The Web The Internet is arguably the best news morgue on the planet right now. And apart from that great collection of old articles, thousands of new ones are added every day. Find the good ones. Read More in Firefox?

Have you used any of these or are there others that you think work better? Please share your thoughts and suggestions with us and others below!

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    I had been using nosquint for years but just recently has become incompatible with the current version of FF.