Don’t Just Bookmark Articles: Save Your Reading Progress Using This Nifty Tool
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New stuff to read is always welcome, but the problem is that there’s just too much stuff to read these days, and our attention is fighting a losing battle.

Think of an interesting article in your feed — maybe a longform article that asks for a sacrifice of time. A few lines down you realize that you have some work to get done. Right here, a “save it for later” bookmark or a read-it-later service like Pocket would be awesome, but until now there hasn’t been a good way to bookmark the exact place where you left off reading.

Markticle, available for Web, Chrome, and Android, is the solution.

It helps you mark your reading progress in articles so that you can come back to the exact spot on the webpage later. In brief, it is a read-it-later bookmark tool that homes in not only to the article but also the particular line you want saved for later. Here’s how the Chrome extension works:

1. Download Markticle and sign up on the service. The extension icon appears on the right of your browser.


2. On the article, select a segment of the text you want to mark. The text is now highlighted. Click the letter M on the keyboard to save the marked spot. Also, you can right-click and select Add to Markticle.

Don't Just Bookmark Articles: Save Your Reading Progress Using This Nifty Tool Markticle Right Click

3. Add a descriptive note and tags to your mark if you want in the little box that pops up.

4. All the “marks” are saved in your online account. You can access them by clicking the icon in the browser’s toolbar. Click on the saved marks to return to the article at the spot where you left off. To remove a Markticle, double-click on the mark or click on the cross icon to delete the article from the list.

Don't Just Bookmark Articles: Save Your Reading Progress Using This Nifty Tool Markticle Saved Articles

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There is a quirk, however: I can’t highlight two places in the same article. The quirk is obvious as this is a bookmarking tool and less of an annotator. Not only that, but a few other bugs need to be ironed out.

For now, Markticle slips into the small space that is occupied by online annotation tools and web highlighters. It’s an uncomplicated tool which could be useful if you do a lot of reading online. Markticle could find a place in your set up of research tools. Imagine a student who compiles nuggets of information from different articles.

Do you use any other Chrome extension or app to manage your reading? What are the other problems you face while reading online? Tell us! Maybe there’s an answer out there.

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  1. Glen LeBarr
    March 10, 2017 at 11:33 pm

    looks cool, I'll give it a try...thanka