Dog Owners: 5 Android Apps To Help With Your Furry Friend

Dan Price 18-06-2014

Dogs are a man’s best friend, or so the saying goes. Studies suggest they are good for your physical health, mental health, and emotional well-being — meaning that today more than 75 million are kept as pets in the US alone.


A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than it loves itself, but you can still make Fido love you a little bit more with these great Android apps for dog owners. If you don’t own an Android device, check out some other online resources for dog owners Best Online Resources For New and Experienced Dog Owners Read More .

petMD Symptom Checker [No Longer Available]

Who doesn’t like a bit of self-diagnosis? At the first hint of a sneeze or sniffle, we all going running online to check that we haven’t developed the latest strain of bird flu, mad cow disease, or whatever the latest global pandemic is. Fortunately for us, we can then go to the doctor and explain exactly what our symptoms are — dogs have no such luxury.

That’s where petMD Symptom Checker comes in. If you want to know why you dog keeps licking its paws or has an enflamed nose, this app can tell you. Of course, it should never act as a replacement for a trip to your vet, but if your dog comes down with something nasty while you are away from home or in the middle of a long walk, the app will help you make a quick and informed decision about the severity of the situation.


The app is well researched and all articles are written and approved by professionals. Within each, you will find a wealth of information which details everything from an explanation of the condition and its symptoms to diagnosis and the recommended treatment for both managing and preventing the disorder. It’s a must-have app that in the most extreme circumstances could help you save a dog’s life.


Dog Park Locator [No Longer Available]

Cesar Millan, the famous Mexican dog handler, says that all dogs have a “fulfilment formula”. In order to be well-trained and obedient, they need exercise, discipline, and affection — in that order. Clearly, aside from the behavioural issues, dogs also need regular exercise to avoid obesity and stay healthy.


Now you have no excuse not to have a fit and compliant dog thanks to the Dog Park Locator app. Sadly, the app currently only has listings from US dog parks, though the developers have confirmed they plan to grow the app to include as many places as possible.

The app is not perfect, and some parks are missing, but it might just help you find a great little park that you never knew about.


Dog Park Buddy [No Longer Available]

So you’ve fixed Fido’s health issues and taken him to a park, but when you arrive there’s no one there — Fido’s best friend stayed at home, and the guy you always chat to about last night’s football is on holiday.


Enter Dog Park Buddy. This app is the Facebook of the dog world, allowing you to engage and connect with those you frequently see at the dog park. It’s a great idea — it lets you create play groups to organise mass trips to the park and you can “check-in” to allow the app to create a profile of peak hours and see who’s there at that very moment.

The most unique part of the app is that it focuses on the dogs themselves, meaning the owners can stay completely anonymous if they so wish. If it gets really popular we might just see the end of dog-based Facebook profiles!


Dog Friendly [No Longer Available]

You finally got bored of your local parks and want to take Fido on an once-in-a-lifetime, around-the-world trip to take in the cultures, sights, and sounds of dog parks across the globe? Dog Friendly needs to be a part of your trip planning.

Knowing which places are dog-friendly and which aren’t is one of the most difficult aspects of being a dog owner. If you’ve ever owned a dog, you’ve been there — its cold outside and day is turning to night. At the end of your long walk you stumble across a great country pub complete with real ale, homemade roast dinners, and a burning fire. You head inside ready to relax and put your feet up, only to be swiftly shown the exit by an uncompromised barman. Well no more.


Dog Friendly gives you a comprehensive guide about the best dog-friendly establishments in your vicinity. It includes up-to-date information about hotels, restaurants, parks and beaches across all of the US and Canada. It plots all the places on a map so they can be easily visualised, and also includes a feature where you can add your own favourite places if they are not already included.


As is customary these days, you can also share your location and opinions via the apps Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare integration.

Spending On My Dog [No Longer Available]

There’s lots of cool apps for humans to use to plan budgets YNAB Makes It Easy to Make a Budget and Stick to It Does your checking account remind you of a debt-burdened Southern European nation? You Need A Budget. We know it's tough to keep track of spendings. YNAB can help. Read More , but what about dogs?

Do you know the average cost of owning a single dog across its lifetime? An eye-watering $28,000. That cute ball of fur you saw in a pet shop all those years ago is actually a serious life investment, and therefore needs to be treated as such.


The Spending On My Dog app is the answer. It budgets every aspects of your dog’s finances, including medical bills, food, toys, treats, travel, and other supplies. All the data is presented in easy to understand charts, graphs, and spreadsheets, thus letting you easily see how you can alter your spending to be more efficient, or perhaps even whether you can afford to bring another dog into your home.

If you do decide to bring another dog into your home, be sure to check out our list of ten puppy finding services Where to Find Puppies for Sale: 10 Ethical Sites for Puppy Adoption These top pet websites will come in handy and help you find a lovable puppy to adopt and be your new best friend. Read More .

Your Thoughts?

Are you a dog owner? Any other apps you might recommend? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. TravisT
    June 27, 2016 at 7:18 pm

    My Dog Parker is a way better dog park finder than any of the apps listed.

  2. Zack
    October 5, 2014 at 9:41 pm

    The cost of NOT owning a dog is FAR greater than 28,000 bucks -- its years off of your life. Oh yeah, and my grandfather always told me to NEVER trust anyone who doesn't like dogs.

  3. Guy M
    June 21, 2014 at 8:20 pm

    Excellent! Until I saw this article I never thought of apps that could be used to help my furry family members.

  4. vida
    June 19, 2014 at 1:30 pm
  5. Helen R
    June 19, 2014 at 12:00 pm

    I am a dog owner who doesn't live in a metro area. I would like to see dog finder apps. ,dog training apps. and maybe find a vet apps.

    • Ben L
      June 19, 2014 at 3:29 pm

      Well, for one, a good (sort of) dog trainer app, is Dog Whistler (Really, it's just a simulated Dog Whistle.). It beats me, as to why they didn't put that in this article to begin with.

      As to Dog Finder apps, (I have no idea how (really, it's just a shot in the dark) this would work) your Dog, (he/she is supposed to) usually has a collar that you were given by your vet, that has tiny GPS enabled tracer in it, make a note of that id number, (and this is the part I'm completely in the dark about) put it in to Google Maps/Google Earth, and (provided, you have GPS turned on prior to opening Google Maps/Google Earth) it should come up with that tracers' signal. Now (provided, that idea even worked in the first place), just follow that signal, and you should find your Dog.

      As to Vet Finder apps, you're on your own.