Dock Designer: Customize Your Mac Desktop With 3D Docks

MOin 02-03-2012

Windows users have numerous applications that they can use to customize their desktops with and many of these apps are freeware. It’s quite a different story for Mac users – customization apps are not as many as for Windows and the good ones often come with a price tag. This is precisely what makes Dock Designer so special – it’s an excellent desktop customization app for Mac computers and it’s free.


customize your mac desktop

Dock Designer is a freeware desktop customization app for Mac computers. Currently the app has its first beta version out and offers customized 3D backgrounds, choosing between 3D and 2D docks, adding transparent separators to the dock, customizing indicators, shifting docking style to 2D to 3D and vice versa, resetting changes, and more.


Check out Dock Designer @ [No Longer Available]

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