DistanceFromTo: Tool for finding the distance between two points
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DistanceFromTo is a slick Google Maps mashup for finding the distance between two points on a map. You can calculate the distance by typing in any two cities or dragging the markers located on the map. The distance (displayed in both kilometers and miles) changes as you drag the markers.

finding the distance between two points

One should note that the distance given is the straight-line distance, so this might not be useful for road travelers. Still, DistanceFromTo is a fun tool for those interested in comparing distances on any point of the earth.


  • Get the distance of two points on the map.
  • Google Maps features allow you to scale-in or scale-out of the map.
  • Preset lists are available for distance between states in the U.S. and distances between countries.
  • Distances are shown in both miles and kilometers.
  • Similar tool: RouteBlast.

Check out DistanceFromTo @ www.distancefromto.net

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  1. John in Austria
    December 20, 2009 at 9:57 pm

    Cute! I sent it to my kids after I got tired playing with it! :-)