Discord Users: Free Up Wasted Disk Space With This Quick Tip

Joel Lee 19-01-2017

If you use the desktop version of Discord instead of the web version (which you should), then you may not realize that a non-insignificant amount of disk space is used to store cached data.


Cached data is useful because it’s basically a local copy of frequently-used details that you run into while using Discord. For example: user names, avatars, groups, colors, emojis, link previews, uploaded images, etc. If you had to reload all of that every time you restarted Discord, it would be slow and wasteful of bandwidth.


But over time the cache accumulates, and at some point it ends up being filled with a lot of information that you won’t ever need. That’s why it’s a good idea to periodically clear the Discord cache, say, once every three months or so.

On Windows, you can clear the Discord cache by opening File Explorer, typing %APPDATA%/Discord/Cache into the address bar, and then deleting everything therein.

Along similar lines, you may want to clear these other Windows caches 7 Hidden Windows Caches & How to Clear Them Cached files can take up a lot of bytes. While dedicated tools can help you free up disk space, they might not clear it all. We show you how to manually release storage space. Read More to free up more space on your disk.


On Android, you can clear the Discord cache by following the same instructions as you would for clearing the data cache of any other app How to Wipe Cache Partition and Clear Data on Android You can clear data and clear cache on a per-app basis on Android, but what does that mean exactly? And when should you use each? Read More : open Settings, navigate to Apps, find Discord, and tap Clear Cache.

What do you use Discord for? Got any other cool Discord tips or tricks? Share them with us in the comments below!

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  1. cache
    December 12, 2017 at 2:30 pm

    Where is the cache directory on other systems? e.g. Linux?