How to Disable Suggested Apps When Sharing in Windows 10 Creators Update
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Microsoft is bent on including ads in as many places as they can in Windows 10. We’ve seen ads on the lock screen, “suggested” apps in your Start Menu, inside games, and even in the File Explorer. Microsoft wants you to use its apps (Edge instead of Chrome) and subscribe to an Office 365 plan so it makes more money.

Thankfully, it’s not hard to keep this crap off your computer, but ads pop up in new places all the time. In the imminent Creators Update, there’s a new ad in the Share menu. In prior versions, the Share menu present in most Modern apps (like Edge) slides out from the side. The Creators Update changes this to a menu in the middle of the window, with icons for each app you can share to.

This is where the ad comes in. You’ll see a link for an app that you don’t use, with an Install link right under it. It’s small, but still an annoyance that you shouldn’t have to deal with. Thankfully, it’s easy to turn this off. Right-click any of the icons in the list, and you’ll get a small menu. The only option in the menu is Show app suggestions, which is enabled by default. Click it to turn this off, and you’ll get rid of the suggestion.

“Suggested apps” like these aren’t as ugly as the unsightly ads that you find in many mobile apps and webpages. Still, it’s annoying that the operating system is trying to get you to install apps you don’t want.

Do you like these app “suggestions” or do you turn them off as soon as you can? Let us know which ads annoy you most in the comments!

Image Credit: Fireofheart via Shutterstock

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