How to Disable Chromebook’s Sleep Mode for Good
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Chromebooks are fantastic computers for users who don’t need power features. But that simplicity does come at a cost — you won’t find as many built-in options for controlling how your machine runs.

On Windows and Mac, it’s easy to keep your computer from falling asleep via power settings. Chrome OS doesn’t have any of these options, and it only keeps the screen for a few extra minutes when the power cord is plugged in. So when you need to keep your computer on for a while to download many files, give a presentation, or keep playing music, the free extension Keep Awake is the answer.

The add-on hasn’t been updated in a few years, but it’s still your best bet for keeping your Chromebook awake for long periods of time. Like most Chrome extensions, clicking on its icon next to the URL bar is how you access the extension options.

When you see a Sun icon, the screen will stay on indefinitely. The Sunset icon means that the screen will turn off, but the system will keep awake. If you plan on having a static image on the screen for a long time, this is a wise idea. Click the extension icon once more for the Moon icon, which means that it’s not changing your power settings and your machine will sleep as normal.

This won’t keep your Chromebook awake when you close the lid, and it only works on Chrome OS. So if you’re using Chrome on your Windows or Mac laptop, you’ll have to look elsewhere for a power utility. If you’re curious, check out the differences between sleep and hibernate modes.

Do you ever need to keep your Chromebook awake for a long time? Let us know if you’ve used this extension in the comments!

Image Credit: ESB Basic via Shutterstock

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