How to Disable the Auto-Merging of Duplicate Files on Google Drive
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Google is always looking out for you — at least that’s what they say when they introduce new things like the recent “deduplication on upload” feature in Google Drive.

If you weren’t aware, here’s how the deduplication feature works: when you upload a file to Google Drive and a file with the same name already exists, Google merges the two files together and the older one becomes part of the newer file’s revision history.

This is an excellent feature when you’re downloading, changing, and re-uploading things like documents, images, and other such files — but it isn’t always needed.


If you want to upload a file without the deduplication feature taking effect, all you have to do is click on the Keep as separate file link after the upload is complete. This also works when uploading a folder where one already exists with the same name.

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What do you think of the deduplication feature? Do you think changes like this are good or bad? Let us know in a comment below!

Image Credit: Google App Updates

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