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Kaly (Arslan Esengulov) 21-04-2008 that is well known to many as the website for daily comic strips by Scott Adams has relaunched and turned into a community focused around comic strips. Users are now able to “edit” an original Dilbert comic by adding their own punch lines. Each comic can have several communty-contributed strips forming a comic list. Pretty cool idea.


Additionally readers are able to subscribe to, rate and leave comments on any comic strip, bookmark and share strips with others, and embed them onto their blogs or personal web pages.

Dilbert Comic Strip Lists


    • Subscribe to daily comic strips and improve strips with your own punch line.
    • Share strips with others by email.
    • Embed strips you like onto your blog or online profile page (see below).
    • Rate and comment on comic strips created by others.
    • Browse through most popular strips.
    • Currently users are able to edit only the endings, but option to edit full comic coming soon.
    • Watch animated Dilbert strips.
  • Get full access to the previously published Dilbert comics.

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  1. scwll
    April 6, 2009 at 8:00 pm

    I love Dilbert and can now impress my friends with this thing ! Thanks :P