The Four Best Digital Camera Review Sites

Matt Smith 16-10-2010

<firstimage=”//”>camera review sitesDigital cameras How Does A Digital Camera Work? [Technology Explained] Read More are among the most consumer electronics devices used. Even relatively inexpensive digital cameras usually include a handful of scene selection modes that, to a beginner, are bewildering and create confusing results. More advanced digital cameras are a buffet of complexity. They’re one of the few devices that still routinely comes with a thick manual in the box – because you’re going to need it!


This complexity can make digital cameras difficult to shop for. If you’re thinking of buying a camera you need to hear advice from people who understand concepts like macro photography, aperture settings and the important of sensor size. Luckily, there are some great camera review sites that can help.

Digital Photography Camera Review Sites

camera review sites

Founded in 1998, Digital Photography Review has consistently been one of the best sources for in-depth camera reviews, particularly for professionals and amateur photographers looking to buy their first “serious” camera. With that said, however, the site also pays some attention to the point-and-shoot market. Earlier this year they published two amazing review round-ups, one of compact super-zoom cameras and the other of travel-zoom cameras. These round-ups are the most definitive reviews of these types of cameras I’ve ever read.

Most of the reviews on Digital Photography Review are very long. This, however, provides space for a lot of in-depth information. All of the site’s reviews include numerous test photographs and most recent reviews have a “compare to” section. This part of the review lets you compare photo quality directly between cameras.


There are currently over sixty cameras that can be compared.

Digital Camera Resource

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A general-coverage digital camera review site, Digital Camera Resource offers a large number of reviews that cover all segments of the camera market. The reviews on Digital Camera Resource are not the most in-depth, but they do provide a lot of detail and are easier to read than the reviews from some of the more complicated websites. This site also, like Digital Photography Review, posts some very handy round-up articles that directly compare a number of similar digital cameras.

Those who aren’t sure where to start should check out the Buying Guide and Hall of Fame sections for quick recommendations. No other site can direct you to a camera in your price range as quickly or as clearly.


InfoSync [No Longer Available]

digital camera reviews

Most websites that focus on a wide variety of electronics and gadgets – such as InfoSync – don’t do a very good job of providing in-depth reviews about any particular subject they cover. InfoSync, however, seems to be an exception. The site has a wonderful photography section that, while unreasonably hard to navigate, provides excellent in-depth reviews.

The video reviews made available in the InfoSync photography section are perhaps the best part of the entire site. All of the recent camera reviews include a five to nine minute long video review that lets you become acquainted with the camera being reviewed in a way that a standard text review can’t manage. Subscribing to the InfoSync Youtube channel wouldn’t be a bad idea.

CNET Digital Camera Reviews

camera review sites


CNET doesn’t really need an introduction, but it is easy to forget that CNET offers a wide variety of information about more niche products including all digital cameras. Like Infosync, CNET’s reviews are bolstered by video review segments that provides a good overview of any particular camera. The site also provides the widest selection of recommendations you could imagine. It doesn’t matter what type of camera you want – they’ve already considered it and can provide you with five top picks.

It is important to note, as well, that CNET is a notoriously tough critic. They do not give out awards lightly and do not give a camera more than 3 1/2 stars on the company’s five-star scale unless it proves really impressive. If CNET thinks a camera is awesome it means that camera is really awesome.


Buying a digital camera can certainly be confusing, but these review websites will help clear things up. Do you have a favorite camera review site that we missed? Let us know!

Also, if you need to learn how to use a digital camera be sure to check out our article on digital photography tutorial sites 6 Digital Photography Websites With Free Tutorials Read More or our PDF manual A Beginner's Guide To Digital Photography Digital photography is a great hobby, but it can be intimidating, too. This beginner's guide will tell you everything you need to know to get started! Read More by Bakari.


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  1. adamboyle12
    January 5, 2011 at 5:18 am

    Photography is also one field where I really respect the suggestions from established pros.They can capture what we can't and if you want to capture what they can ,you have to learn how they capture.That sort of lens-specific information can't always be found from a professional reviewer.

    digital camera reviews

  2. Blaine Stewart
    October 27, 2010 at 11:21 am

    Photography is also kind of art.They can capture what we can't and if you want to capture what they can ,you have to learn how they capture.

  3. William Brand
    October 16, 2010 at 8:34 pm

    Photography is also one field where I really respect the suggestions from established pros. For example, Fred Miranda's forums indexes all the different lenses and lets any user rate their experiences. That sort of lens-specific information can't always be found from a professional reviewer.

    • M.S. Smith
      October 18, 2010 at 7:08 pm

      No doubt. I'm not sure if there is another type of consumer device that requires a deeper level of professional knowledge in order to properly review a product.