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Die With Me Is a Chat App That Kills Phones

Dave Parrack 23-01-2018

What do you do when your smartphone is about to die The 6 Best Backup Battery Packs for Extending Your Phone's Uptime A battery pack is one of the best ways to charge your phone in an emergency. Here are a few portable power banks that might be just what you need. Read More ? If you’re anything like me you’ll preserve the little bit of battery life you have left until you can plug your phone in. And then let out a huge sigh of relief when you make it with 1 percent left to spare. This is normal.


However, a new app could make you change this rational behavior. Because Die With Me is only accessible when you have less than 5 percent of your battery life left. Which means you instantly have something in common with everyone else present. Still, this won’t be for everybody.

Chat With Anonymous Strangers

Die With Me is a barebones chat app that offers a simple way of chatting with anonymous strangers. All you need to do is create a nickname, and you’re all set. However, the one big barrier to entry is the requirement for your phone to have less than 5 percent battery life left on it.

This puts everyone in the same boat, connecting everyone in the chatroom as their phones slowly die. And when they die you disappear from the chatroom, and find yourself offline and alone again. Which is a peculiar feeling when you have literally just been chatting to random strangers.

Die With Me is a the brainchild of Dries Depoorter and David Surprenant. They presented the idea for the app in 2016, before testing it on a small scale at the International Documentary Film Festival in 2017. And now, Die With Me is available to anyone on Android and on iOS.

Depoorter originally wanted to create a dating app using the low battery barrier to entry, but eventually settled on a chat app instead. And while it’s not intended to compete with WhatsApp or Messenger, it does allow users to share their final moments before being disconnected.


Running Out of Juice Together

Die With Me is either a simple chat app or a social experiment Facebook's Fascinating (and Disturbing) History of Secret Experiments Facebook has a tremendous amount of power, but doesn't always use that power for good. These experiments pushed the boundaries of ethics. Read More , depending on your point of view. Either way, it taps into something that has become a source of stress for many of us these days. So why not share that stressful experience of your smartphone running out of juice with others?

Do you have any interest in Die With Me? Can you understand the point of such an app? Should we all endeavor to let our phones die more often? Are we all too reliant on our phones these days? What do you think of the Die With Me app? Please let us know in the comments below!

Image Credit: Gauthier Delecroix via Flickr

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  1. Sarra
    February 5, 2018 at 3:06 am

    It sounds cool! Might have to try it soon... ?