Did You Know You Can Play Chess Inside Facebook Messenger?
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Facebook Messenger is a great tool for chatting with your friends, and using Messenger apps can increase its functionality greatly. However, Facebook Messenger has a few tricks up its sleeve that don’t require any outside software.

If you’re a fan of chess, you’ll be happy to know that you can play a game right inside Messenger. Simply type @fbchess play in a chat window to start a game up with your friend. This works on any platform (Messenger for iOS/Android, and on the Web).

It might seem a bit clunky on phones, but this chess game doesn’t use touch controls. Instead, you’ll have to type commands to move your pieces; for example, @fbchess Pb4 will move your pawn on the B column to row 4. That’s all you need for basic movement, but if you want to castle or perform other special moves you’ll need other commands. Just type @fbchess help to see a list of what you can do.

There are tons of ways to play chess without being face-to-face with someone, including playing by mail, using a website, or playing on a dedicated app, but playing on Messenger means you can start with anyone you know on Facebook.

It’s a common platform and doesn’t require any setting up, which is convenient. Try it next time there’s a lull in one of your conversations — you’re bound to have someone on your friends list who loves chess!

Need to improve your skills before taking on friends? Have a look at the best online sources for chess help.

Have you played some chess inside Facebook Messenger? What’s your preferred way to play chess online? Have your say in the comments!

Image Credit: cherezoff via Shutterstock.com

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