Diary Memo: Record Diaries in the Form of Videos

moin 23-11-2012

Writing a diary is a good habit. You can always consult your diary to look back in the past and see how you were feeling on a particular day. But your words might not convey the full meaning of your day. What would really help is keeping a video form of your diary – recording your videos instead of jotting down memories and feelings as words. Not only are the videos more expressive but you can also get them done is less time than writing. Here to help you maintain online diaries in such a way is a service called Diary Memo.


record video diary

Diary Memo is a web service that lets you keep your diary in video form. Each diary entry is a video recording of you. The website lets you record videos, view past recordings, record supplemental videos, download entries to your computer, and delete past recordings. The site costs $5 per month but comes with a free 30 day trial.


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Update from the developer: There is no longer a 30 day trial restriction, the site is now completely free with no restriction on time, and the premium account is now only $12/year. Diary Memo has also integrated with Dropbox to provide automatic download direct to Dropbox folders.


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  1. Eddie
    March 12, 2013 at 10:48 pm

    Hi, I'm the founder of this site and would just like to let readers know that the pricing structure has changed to $12/year and there are lots more free features now too, and there isn't a time restriction for free accounts.