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Destroy The Web: Shoot Things You Dislike, For Fun and Profit [Firefox, Chrome]

Justin Pot 09-08-2013

I’m so angry with “Justin” Bieber for smoking “Pot” and making it impossible for me to Google myself.


At least I can get some consolation: Destroy The Web provides the necessary crosshairs, pumped up music and destructive capability I need to therapeutically blast my fellow Canadian Justin from my search results. And if something on the web bugs you as much as this bugs me, you should check Destroy The Web out. It’s not useful, but it is therapeutic.

Tired of seeing stuff you hate on the web? Shoot it. Destroy the web is a stress-relieving diversion that allows you to target elements of any site you dislike, leaving destruction and high scores in your wake. Even if you don’t have Bieber-related psychosis this could prove relaxing: taking a few moments from your research in order to destroy it entirely never hurt anyone.

WARNING: the contents of the article, and the extension it pretends to review, are completely useless. Do not read any of it, or install this extension. You’ve been warned.

My Justin Bieber Problem

Destroy The Web: Shoot Things You Dislike, For Fun and Profit [Firefox, Chrome] destroytheweb main

So I have a problem. My first name is “Justin”, and my last name is “Pot”. This has been a perfectly acceptable combination of names for most of my life – Justin meaning justice, which I like, and having a memorable last name isn’t a bad thing if you write for a living.


So yeah, great name. Love it. Thanks Mom and Dad! Nearly three decades later, however, your stupendous naming skills are conflicting with popular culture, thanks to this plastic performer:

Destroy The Web: Shoot Things You Dislike, For Fun and Profit [Firefox, Chrome] destroythenews bieber

These days over half the Google results for Justin Pot are related to this particular Justin (coincidentally like me also a Canadian living stateside) smoking pot. And I hate it.

Did you know that 33 per cent of the Internet’s bandwidth is Justin Bieber related? It’s not true, at all, but you wouldn’t know it to ask their fans. This group is massive, and every publication on the planet wants them to visit their site and click on ads. It’s no wonder, then, that any controversy about Bieber is covered on every news site on the web – and ranks high on Google. Add drugs to the mix, and I don’t stand a chance.


It’s no one’s fault: the click-driven media is just doing what they do best and I’m sure if Bieber knew his smoking pot affected Google searches for “Justin Pot” he’d stop immediately. I’m just a neglected cog in a machine far bigger than myself, at the mercies of Google’s heartless algorithm.

Speaking of the machine: I need to rage against it. Which brings me back to Destroy The Web: here’s me using it to de-stress about the whole Bieber situation:

I also attempt to remove Dave LeClair, who I hate, from MakeUseOf. It feels good.

As the video gets across, it’s the music that makes this great. I got really, really excited about destroying stuff. You will too. Do well enough and you can submit your scores:


Destroy The Web: Shoot Things You Dislike, For Fun and Profit [Firefox, Chrome] destroytheweb score

Become the champion of destruction. Click quickly to rack up your score, then compete with the world!

Download Destroy The Web

Ready to bring some destruction to the web? Download Destroy The Web for Firefox or Chrome, now. Once you do, an icon will be added to your browser’s top bar. Click it to comments the destruction.

Seriously: check this out, now, because it’s free and because I told you to.


Similar Nonsense

Not sure sound effects are what you’re looking for? Check out Kick Ass, the web destroyer game Kick Ass: Browser Based Website Destroyer Game Read More . It’s simpler, but it might be just what you want.

Destroy The Web: Shoot Things You Dislike, For Fun and Profit [Firefox, Chrome] clip image0028

Or, if you’re looking to avoid destruction entirely, you could check out Chrome Maze No Internet? 10 Awesome Free Chrome Games to Play Offline If you take your Chromebook on your commute, pass the time with enjoyable games you can play offline. These free and fun Chrome game options will keep you entertained, challenged, and coming back for more. Read More . This official Google game turns any site into a maze you navigate, using a ball. Even better: you control said ball using your phone, Wii-mote style. It’s worth a diversion for the less psychotic among us:

Destroy The Web: Shoot Things You Dislike, For Fun and Profit [Firefox, Chrome] chromelock maze

It’s got a Marble Madness thing going, though some sites work better than others.

Destroy It All. Now.

You’re still reading? Really? I’m not sure I’ve written anything less useful – Nyan Cat Progress Bars Add Nyan Cat To Your Progress Bars, Because It's Awesome Is your Windows progress bar stupid, green and boring? Make it 5011% more awesome: add the infamous Nyan cat to it, complete with the trademark music and rainbow. It's just a simple download away. There... Read More aside. You must think less of me after wading through all that nonsense, but I really can’t say that I’m sorry.

What are you destroying? Let us know, along with your top scores, in the comments below. Or defend Justin Bieber, who I actually don’t know enough about to dislike for any real reason. Mostly I know that he might smoke pot and shows up in Google searches. Educate me if you must.

Justin Bieber doll by Emily Burnett via Flickr

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