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Play Monster Truck Game Online with Truck Destroyer

Karl L. Gechlik 17-03-2010

MTDHeadHere we are again. Another week filled with meetings and work that suck the life out of you.


Hmmm…maybe I just have a severe case of the Mondays! But do you know what? I think I have a quick cure that can be administered  in 15 minute intervals. That cure, if you haven’t figured it out from the post’s title yet, is Monster Truck Destroyer.

It is a free flash-based app where you can play a monster truck game online. I played it this morning from Shockwave. When you get to the site it will take a moment for the game to load. When it is finished you will see a screen like the one below.

play monster truck game online

It offers you three menu items. The first is to play the game, followed by your game options and a quick “How to play“ tutorial. And when I say quick I mean quick! It just shows you which keys does what.  You can see the “How to play“ screen below.

play monster truck game online

And here is the options screen which allows you to toggle sound effects and music on or off. You can choose the video quality that is displayed from the game and you can also go to a specific board in the game (if you have already beaten the previous ones!)

play monster truck game online

So as a beginner you will only have the first board enabled for you. You can see which boards are locked by the big red lock on them. Go ahead and click on the first board and let’s begin.

free online monster truck games

You can also unlock other big monster trucks. The first few boards you play, you will only have access to the first monster truck.

Go ahead and click on it to continue.

free online monster truck games

Now that we have selected our board and truck, we can begin. Here we go with level one. Remember the up arrow makes you go faster, the down arrow makes you brake, the left and right arrows make you lean left or right, respectively.

You can see the beginning of the first board below:

free online monster truck games

Unlike some other games in Monster Truck Destroyer you want to hit the bombs and collect points. You also get points for destroying, smashing and making things go kablooey!

monster truck free games

When you hit the end of the board you will see a black and white checkered flag and then the game will tally up your score.

monster truck free games

To save your points and tokens you will need to create a Shockwave account. If you are like me and hate setting up accounts you can easily not use one or use a BugMeNot account as I do.

monster truck free games

You will find each board getting increasingly difficult. There will be more things to destroy, you will find things like school buses to destroy and loop-de-loops. This is a fast paced action game and it is very fun to play.

Let us know what your high scores are and if you have any tips or tricks for our soon to be addicted Monster Truck Destroyer players!

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