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6 Desktop Wallpapers to Increase Your Productivity

Kayla Matthews 26-07-2017

Countless apps and software suites can help you maximize your productivity. But have you thought about switching your desktop background 7 Kinds of Desktop Wallpapers to Inspire Your Work Every Day While your desktop wallpaper isn't likely to make or break your work performance, it might just inspire your productivity. Read More to a wallpaper that boosts productivity?


This relatively simple but effective trick could help you stay focused on the tasks at hand when your mind starts to wander.

Below, you’ll get several ideas for how to choose a winning wallpaper via several strategically chosen categories.

1. Wallpapers Featuring Influential People

Like most people, you probably have big dreams about doing great things with your life.

famous people wallpaper

Being as productive as possible Hack Your Brain: 5 Ways to Use Neuroscience to Be More Productive Read More could help you go a long way in actually making those aspirations come true instead of never seeing them come to fruition.


Do you have a role model? Maybe a notable business person or a productivity guru? People who have achieved great things are an equally great source of inspiration.

When you choose a wallpaper related to the person who inspires you most, you can keep their accomplishments on your mind as you achieve your goals, too. That way, when you feel tempted to procrastinate, the image of your hero can help you get back on track and remind you that continual hard work is what leads to great results.

Download a wallpaper here:

2. Travel-Inspired Wallpapers

Although you may associate long-awaited beach vacations and global getaways with a lack of productivity, researchers have found taking trips makes people more productive.


travel wallpaper

For starters, being in an unfamiliar place may spark your creativity and challenge your perspectives. Also, when you are on vacation, you can more easily catch up on much-needed sleep.

Whether you pick a desktop wallpaper featuring a favorite destination How To Turn Amateur Photos Into Stunning Wallpapers Don't you just love to take photos of picturesque scenery when you travel? I do. Read More  or a hotspot you cannot wait to visit, choosing a design that caters to your wanderlust could help you power through even your more mundane tasks. After all, you won’t feel as justified about taking a vacation if you look back on your work output over the last several months and notice it was much less than expected.

It may also be useful to choose a travel-themed wallpaper that includes a quote about going outside of your comfort zone, challenging yourself to explore new ways of living, or getting acquainted with different cultures. Those are all things that tend to happen during travels, and they could also indirectly make you more productive by helping you build new skill sets and a broader worldview.


Download a wallpaper here:

3. Self-Affirmation Wallpapers

Perhaps you depend on a few inspirational quotes to get you through the workday without a dreaded mid-afternoon slump. Doing that is a good start, but it’s also worthwhile to select some self-affirmations that banish the negative thoughts that may prevent you from getting as much done as you could.

self-affirmation wallpaper

After committing a self-affirmation to memory 12 Powerful Self-Affirmation Tools to Boost Your Motivation Daily Self-affirmations are powerful psychological tricks that help overcome negative thoughts. Self-affirmations can help people perform better at work. These apps and websites will help you start with meaningful positive statements. Read More and repeating it to yourself over a long-term basis, you may start to visualize and believe in what the statement says, then make positive changes that make it actually happen in your life.


Scientists have also discovered self-affirmations are especially beneficial for people who struggle with depression and other mental health issues. They could also help you relieve stress that stems from negative thought patterns.

Download a wallpaper here:

4. Goal-Oriented Wallpapers

Maybe the things you intend to get done relate to life changes. Do you strive for a healthier existence or would you like to achievve financial freedom?

goal-oriented wallpaper

Experts say, when setting goals it is best to pick just one or two to focus on because having more than that causes distractions. That’s why choosing a desktop wallpaper that represents one thing you want to achieve is an excellent idea. Every time you look at it, you get a reminder of why you’re working toward that goal 5 New Habit Apps That Actually Work to Reach Your Goals Habit-forming and tracking apps are some of the most popular productivity tools. Have your tried these excellent new tools yet? Read More and why sticking to your intention is genuinely worthwhile.

It could also stop you from straying and engaging in activities that temporarily derail you from your goal. For example, if your goal is to become fitter, it might be harder to make that happen if you’re always looking up unhealthy recipes online instead of spending the time at the gym.

Download a wallpaper here:

5. Organizational and Brainstorming Wallpapers

If you treat your computer desktop as a digital junk drawer, you’re not alone. Many people adjust their default settings, so everything they download goes straight to the desktop. But then they leave the file icons where they are and never make attempts to organize them 2 Ingenious Apps To Help Organize Files and Folders On Your Mac Read More .

Fortunately, many forward-thinking and tech-savvy designers created cool desktop backgrounds that make it easy and even fun to categorize icons. Using one of them and embracing digital minimalism in that way allows you to improve productivity by spending less time searching for crucial files.

organizational wallpaper

Also, looking at a clean desktop could make you feel less mentally drained, the same way a tidy office tends to make you feel ready for work instead of overwhelmed as soon as you enter it.

There is even a wallpaper that serves as a digital whiteboard. The tool completely covers an existing desktop background and comes with three virtual markers and an eraser. It’s ideal if you get a brilliant idea on the fly and want to jot it down immediately and keep looking at your notes throughout the day as details start to come together in your head.

Download a wallpaper here:

6. GTD Wallpapers to Encourage Action

Ever wish you had someone to tell you to get your behind in gear whenever slacking off is your preference?

gtd wallpaper

In the absence of such a well-intentioned person, do the next best thing and download a GTD (or “get things done” GTD (Getting Things Done) Roundup - Time To Organize Read More ) wallpaper.

Many of the possibilities feature flowcharts that offer visual reminders of how the path to completing a project is not always straightforward, and it may take unexpected turns.


What Desktop Wallpapers Make You Most Productive?

A desktop wallpaper is not always just something to make your computer more stylish. It could also stop your mind from wandering too much, meaning you get more done every time you sit down at your desk.

And for more help with getting things done, check out these web apps built around popular productivity methods The Best Web Apps Built Around Popular Productivity Methods Looking to match your productivity habit with the right app? Here are the best web apps for each popular productivity method. Read More .

Image Credit: Pavel Shelkovenko via Shutterstock

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  1. KT
    July 28, 2017 at 5:19 am

    This may seem weird, but hear me out. I have Pclinuxos 64 kde with 4 desktops set up. My pc is hooked to my 65" plasma tv. I work 2nd shift and like to ease into my day by waking up, drinking 2 cups of coffee and browsing my essential websites (MUO is on that list). After I'm awake, I switch to a different desktop with slide show 10 second intervals set up. My folders are all full of tasteful nude models categorized by different descriptions: redhead, blonde, Asian, etc. How this helps is this: I stretch for 15 minutes while a slide show plays. It lifts my testosterone level and motivates me to go into my weight room and lift. I'm in my mid 40's and it seems to be a great motivator to get off the pc and stay in shape. Finding the models on the web is my breather between sets. Not technically wallpaper, but I think it's relevant to the article. My wife works 1st shift and does the same thing with Hollywood hunks.

    • Kurik
      July 31, 2017 at 4:30 pm

      Interesting approach. Will consider it :-)