Desktop Movie: Play a Movie On Your Windows Desktop Wallpaper

Computer users will often play a movie on their computer and continue to use other applications. This hides the video and you are only able to hear the audio of the movie while using the other apps. Here to present a solution to this is a desktop application called Desktop Movie.

movie desktop wallpaper

Desktop Movie is a free to use desktop application for Windows computers. The app comes in a tiny ZIP archive sized at nearly 300 KB which you can quickly download and extract. The EXE file contained in the archive is what you need to run – installation is not required. The app plays any movie file as your desktop wallpaper – audio is also played.

You can continue to use applications by resizing their windows and still have the desktop video wallpaper in view. You can access the video controls through the app’s System Tray icon and skip to certain parts of the movie.



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Image Source: Creative Freedom Ltd

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