Desktop Background Tuner: Simplifies Windows 7 Wallpaper Rotation By Grouping Images & Folders Together

Israel Nicolas 06-08-2012

The desktop personalization options in Windows 7 are pretty robust. But if you want to unlock more options, then you should check out Desktop Background Tuner. This app simplifies your wallpaper rotation by grouping images and folders together.


windows 7 wallpaper rotation

Desktop Background Tuner exploits the hidden registry within Windows 7 to make grouping images possible. You can add image folders into one group, or even create groups based on specific file type attributes such as author, comment, date, MIME type, extension, and more. This way, you won’t have to gather all the wallpapers you like into one folder in order to create your wallpaper rotation. The app also allows you to remove or add folders into the ‘Windows Desktop Backgrounds’.

Desktop Background Tuner is a great app for aggregating images to change your wallpapers, making it very useful for those who are sticklers to this kind of desktop customization.


  • Group wallpapers for a more seamless wallpaper rotation.
  • Available only for Windows.
  • Add/remove folder images to group.
  • Create groups based on file attributes.

Check out Desktop Background Tuner @


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