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Designer Google Glass, Verified Quora, Free Auroracoin, Linux ATMs [Tech News Digest]

Dave Parrack 25-03-2014

Today in Tech News Digest, Google Glass gets designer appeal, Quora launches Verified Accounts, Iceland gives away Auroracoin, ATMs using Linux, Learnist is overhauled, and Minus Jon Plus Jon is definitely not Garfield.


Google Glass Adds A Touch Of Style

Google is teaming up with Luxottica to bring a touch of style to Google Glass. You may not recognize the name, but Luxottica owns brands including Ray-Ban, Oakley, Vogue-Eyewear, Persol, Oliver Peoples, Alain Mikli, and Arnette. It also boasts more than 5,000 retail stores in the United States.

Google sees this partnership as the “start of a new chapter in Glass’s design.” It’s also the obvious next step to take after Google launched the Titanium Collection of frames Google Glass Lenses, Netflix Expansion, Chrome Lego, Prince Bootlegging [Tech News Digest] Google Glass gets prescription lenses, Chrome apps for iOS and Android, Netflix to invade Europe, Netherlands unblocks The Pirate Bay, Lego Build With Chrome, and Prince gets his purple knickers in a twist. Read More designed by the Glass team earlier this year.

The terms of the partnership haven’t yet been detailed, and Google makes it very clear that you’re “not going to see Glass on your favorite Oakleys or Ray-Bans tomorrow.” Instead, this is a partnership for the future.

There has been speculation that the emergence of Google Wear for smartwatches Google Android Wear, Moto 360 & LG G Watch, PS4 Virtual Reality [Tech News Digest] Android Wear for wearables, Moto 360 and LG G Watch, the NSA is MYSTIC, Xbox One expansion plan, PlayStation 4 virtual reality headsets, LINE Call for international chats, and the 'Unnumbered Sparks' art installation. Read More means the Glass form factor isn’t top of the agenda for Google, but this partnership suggests it isn’t giving up on it quite yet. We just wish Google Glass Google Glass Review and Giveaway We were lucky enough to get a pair of Google Glass to review, and we're giving it away! Read More was available to all, and for a price less than the current $1,500.

Obama First Verified Account On Quora

Quora has introduced Verified Accounts, with U.S. President Barack Obama the first recipient of the honor. Obama — or at least his social media team — launched the initiative by answering questions about the Affordable Care Act.


Other public figures in the first round of verification include Ashton Kutcher, Ethan Hawke, Sheryl Sandberg, Reed Hastings, Michael Buble, and Jason Bateman (he of Arrested Development Keeping Up With The Bluth Family: Discover Arrested Development On The Web Arrested Development is back, with Netflix having given the show a lifeline by commissioning new episodes. Here's hoping that this time Arrested Development is watched by the size of audience it deserves. To give the... Read More fame). All of whom will have blue tick against both their name and their contributions to the site.

Iceland Launches Auroracoin Airdrop

Giving a virtual handful of Auroracoin to Icelanders is designed to help get the Icelandic economy moving again. As pointed out by Forbes, a similar plan is due to be enacted in Spain next month, with Spanish citizens being given a clutch of Spaincoin.

If these initiatives work in encouraging spending and growth then expect to see other countries joining in with the cryptofun.

ATMs Could Soon Be Using Linux

ATMs could soon be powered by Linux, with operators looking at alternatives once Microsoft ends support for Windows XP. A surprising 95 percent of ATMs currently run on Windows XP, which doesn’t bode well for their security beyond April 8.


According to Computerworld, ATM operators are now eyeing Linux as a possible replacement, in an effort to “synch up their hardware and software upgrades.” If operators don’t act soon then we may be seeing more of the kind of fun witnessed in the NSFW video above.

Learnist Gets A Visual Overhaul


Educational startup Learnist has been given a makeover Learnist Makes Learning Stylish With A New Look And A Reading List Learnist is an educational startup that launched with a distinctly Pinterest-styled look. The site has been redesigned for easier creation and curation. You should find the new design more pleasing to the eyes. Read More , with a new design, new categories, and a reading list having been added to the website. Learnist works a lot like Pinterest The Unofficial Pinterest Guide This Pinterest guide will quickly show you how to use Pinterest and all of its features. This guide outlines everything there is to know about Pinterest. Read More , with Learnboards — of which there are now more than 500,000 — being used to organize educational content.

You learn something new every day. Hopefully by reading MakeUseOf.


Minus Jon Plus Jon Isn’t Garfield


And finally, move over Garfield Minus Garfield, as there’s a new parody in town. Minus Jon Plus Jon (as discovered by Geekosystem) removes not only Garfield but his owner Jon Arbuckle as well.

One Jon is replaced by another Jon; Jon Osterman AKA Dr. Manhattan from the Watchmen graphic novel. Which lends the whole thing a moody vibe that you would never guess originated in a Garfield comic strip.

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  1. Ed
    March 25, 2014 at 6:44 pm

    Was that Breaking Bad's Heisenberg in that ATM youtube video?

    Windows XP on ATMs in 2014 ... sigh!
    Magnetic strips instead of security chips and PINs on American credit/debit cards in 2014 ... sigh, again!

  2. dragonmouth
    March 25, 2014 at 12:19 pm

    Luxottica owns 70% of the eyeglass business world-wide.