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Azim Toktosunov 27-02-2009

Delivr makes mobile sharing easier by creating mobile friendly pages of any submitted URL. It can also create “mobileOK” versions of videos from Youtube, photos from Flickr and Google maps. Furthermore it can be used to send free text messages to mobile devices in US and outside.


How it works:

  1. Enter the web address (URL).
  2. Delivr creates a mobile version of the page and provides you with a short link for easier sharing (ex: delivr/102r1).
  3. Forward this link to a mobile device of your choice.
  4. When users receive the Delivr page on their mobiles, they can share it, send it to another mobile or email, see page stats or report the page.

Delivr can be used from your browser by dragging it to your toolbar. The site is free and there is no sign up necessary. Registered users get personalized Delivr address, editing and more detailed stats.

mobile sharing

Delivr page for //

mobile friendly pages



  • Create a mobileOK pages of submitted URL’s and get short link for easy sharing on mobile device.
  • Create mobileOK versions of videos from Youtube, photos from Flickr and Google maps.
  • Share created pages with your friends on mobile.
  • Your friends can send this page to other mobile numbers, email, view page stats.
  • Print PDF flyer version of URL’s Delivr page with scannable QR code.
  • Free US text messaging also available.
  • Free, no registration necessary .
  • Registered users receive extra features.

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