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Israel Nicolas 21-01-2010

Do you want to get rid of some of your social networking accounts? DeleteYourAccount is an online resource that provides information on how to delete your account on Facebook, MySpace and almost any other social network.


how to delete your account on facebook

To learn how to delete your account, enter the website on the search box or browse through the full list of websites that you want to cancel your account from. Then click your selected website and follow the instructions to delete your account. You can also get a quick link to go straight to the social website and delete your account instantly.

This website provides all the relevant information needed to delete your web profile. You will know if it is possible to get your account back after you delete them or if the only way to get your account deleted is to personally email the website owners.

If you regret your old social networking sites or simply don’t use them anymore, DeleteYourAccount is a handy online tool to make it easy for you to remove your personal information from social websites. We can expect more instructions added to the website in the future.


  • Free no sign up required.
  • Deletes your account on social networking sites.
  • Gives you ways to delete, deactivate, or recover deleted accounts (if possible).

Check out DeleteYourAccount @ [No Longer Available]

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