How to Delete Horizontal Lines in Microsoft Word That Won’t Go Away
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If you’re writing up a long report in Microsoft Word 5 Microsoft Word Settings You Should Definitely Customize 5 Microsoft Word Settings You Should Definitely Customize There are many Microsoft Word default settings you can customize. Here are a few important ones that can make you more productive. Read More and want to use simple dividers to split up the various sections for readability, all you have to do is type three hyphens and hit Enter for a long horizontal line to magically appear.

But once it’s there, getting rid of it can prove challenging. You’d think using the Delete or Backspace keys would work, but that only works if you delete right after hitting Enter. Otherwise, you’re stuck with that line.

How to Delete Horizontal Lines in Microsoft Word

While you can’t use the Backspace key to get rid of it, you can still nix that line if you choose to:

  1. Place your cursor directly above the line.
  2. In the Home tab, find the Paragraph section.
  3. Click the dropdown arrow next to the Borders icon and select No border.

How to Delete Horizontal Lines in Microsoft Word That Won't Go Away Word Horizontal Line e1518455092762

You can see this process in action in the video below:

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