Deals: UpWord Notes & True Skate Are Free For A Limited Time [iOS Sales]
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Developers put their apps on sale for a variety of reasons – to encourage user reviews and feedback, to give back to fans or in celebration of a particularly big update. Of course, we don’t really care why these apps are on sale – we’re just happy to grab a bargain.

This week we’ve got the usual array of productivity, games and miscellany with UpWord Notes, True Skate and a magnetometer available for free.


UpWord Notes ($0.99, now free)

UpWord Notes puts a unique spin on the to-do list and note-taking organiser. You “type” an UpWord list looks just like a note, using a new line for each item, then you use gestures to swipe left or right to mark these items as urgent or complete as and when you do them. The system uses reminders to bring items back to your attention, and syncs across devices using a free Dropbox account.

Teslameter 11th [No Longer Available]

Deals: UpWord Notes & True Skate Are Free For A Limited Time [iOS Sales] teslameter

Did you know your iDevice has a built-in magnetometer? Teslameter 11th is an app that puts that magnetometer to use, displaying the strength of surrounding magnetic fields complete with history on a graph. I’m not exactly sure what you’re meant to do with it, but some uses suggested by the developer include as a metal detector, to find low-magnetic places for sleeping babies and, of course, just for fun.


True Skate ($1.99, now free)

Remember those small finger skateboards that were so popular in the 90s? True Skate takes the premise even further in what is probably the best skating game on the iOS platform. Use your fingers to lean, flip and land tricks, which isn’t as easy as it first seems. Once you’ve mastered the controls there are challenges to work your way through, or simply skate around aimlessly.

Canabalt ($2.99, now $0.99)

Canabalt is the game that “invented” the “endless runner” genre. Well, nearly – the 1983 game B.C.’s Quest for Tires technically clinches it, but Canabalt took the premise and made it work in an age of mobile apps and free online games. The idea is simple: run for as long as you can, with only one button (jump) to aid you. The game oozes retro style and has received several updates over its lifespan, with the latest adding eight new game modes to play with.

Thomas Was Alone ($5.99, now $3.99)

Like nothing you’ve ever played before, Thomas Was Alone is a BAFTA-winning game that’s all about jumping and friendship, with narration from British actor Danny Wallace. Guide Thomas through 100 levels, slowly revealing more of an intriguing story that proves you don’t need flashy 3D visuals and a budget of thousands to tell a tale worth telling. The game has already had its first major free update, with the “Benjamin’s Flight” level pack providing 20 additional levels to play through.

Table Tennis Touch ($3.99, now $1.99)

In celebration of the opening of the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Table Tennis Touch is currently half-price. The game sells itself as “the most advanced table tennis game on the App Store” and that’s reflected in the praise it has received. A delightful blend of addictive, approachable ping pong action and realistic 3D graphics, if you enjoyed Rockstar’s classic Table Tennis you’ll probably enjoy this.

Scotland Yard ($4.99, now $0.99)

Deals: UpWord Notes & True Skate Are Free For A Limited Time [iOS Sales] scotlandyard

Each week I try to include a board game in this column, partly because they take you back to the essence of gaming and partly because the App Store is jam-packed with good ones. This week Ravensburger are offering a digital version of their cardboard classic Scotland Yard, complete with single player, local and online multiplayer modes. This one won “Game of the Year” in 1983, but it’s seeing a new lease of life on the iPad.

That’s the best of this week’s offers, check back next weekend for more!

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