Deals, Deals, Deals! The Best Available Right Now [CA]

Today, you can get deals on the ever-popular TI-84 calculator, a Raspberry Pi touchscreen, and much more.

Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus Graphing Calculator (CDN$ 109.99, 27% Off) (US)

Sure, we all have a smartphone now that can handle most math, but there’s really no replacement for a proper graphing calculator once you get to the higher levels. I graduated high school in 2004, and the TI-84 was the calculator to own then. Is there any other product in the tech world with the staying power of Texas Instrument’s graphing calculator? Not that I can think of…

Save 25% off $25 or More on Select School Supplies

Right now, is doing a deal with Newell Brands (makers of Sharpie, Elmers, etc.), where you can get 25% off a purchase of $25 or more. The list of stuff available is massive, ranging from markers, to pencil sharpeners, to waste baskets. Check out this page for all the eligible products.

Avantree FAST Desktop 6 Port USB Charging Station (CDN$ 24.99, 29% Off) (US)

You could have stuff spread all around your office charging in wall outlets, computers, and anywhere else that gives off electricity. Or, you could keep things nice and organized with the 6-port USB charger. Everything will be in one place, which is great for aesthetics and functionality. It even comes with two micro USB cables to help you get started with your charging adventures.

SHARKK 5 Port High Speed USB Car Charger Cupholder (CDN$ 11.99, 20% Off) (US)

We didn’t forget about your car. Next time you gather the crew to take a road trip, you can make sure everyone can charge their stuff with this 5 port USB charger that sits right in the cupholder. There’s enough drama with deciding who’s going to sit where, make it so you don’t need to fight about who gets to charge their phone.

3.5-inch Raspberry Pi Display with Accessories (CDN$ 40.79, 20% Off) (US)

This is the kit you need to take your Pi tinkering to another level. It’s a 320X480 resolution touch screen that will let you do all kinds of incredible stuff. It also comes with a 16GB microSD card, 3 heat syncs, a stylus, a Pi 3 case, and more. It’s an awesome bundle for anyone who wants to do more with the Pi, and at CDN$ 40.79, it’s a steal.

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