Two Dead Simple Productivity Webapps To Keep You Organized

Nancy Messieh 14-05-2011

productivity web appsGTD system, or the less complex Pomodoro 3 Of The Best Free Pomodoro Productivity Apps Read More system is the perfect way to keep them organized and on track. Sometimes all it takes is a simple web app to keep track of your list of tasks, that you can check off once you’re done.


Sandglaz and Strike are two very simple, basic productivity web apps, that make it incredibly easy to keep track of your task list, access it from anywhere you have an internet connection, and share it with other people. The advantage to such simple web apps is that it makes it easier to focus on the task at hand, rather than trying to navigate an elaborate system filled with labels, tags and more.


Sandglaz takes a very straightforward approach to keeping track of the tasks that you have to do, adding a collaborative twist to the concept.

The Sandglaz page or grid is divided into four cells which you can label in any way you choose. The suggested labels that already exist with the first grid are Important/Later, Important/Now, Unimportant/Later and Unimportant/Now.
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You can create as many grids as you want, adjust their dimensions, and share them with other users to read or edit. Taking a quick look through the tutorial is the best way to discover all of how Sandglaz’s features and how to use the site.

You can easily edit the content of any task on the list by clicking on it, add new tasks by clicking the empty space at the end of the list, and clear all the text in a task to delete it from the list.
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You can drag and drop tasks to reorder them within their grid, as well as reorder the list of grids you have created.
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You can edit the label given to cells in the grid, check off tasks when they are completed, and drag tasks to other cells, or even to other grids.
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You can also add a due date to the task by clicking the small arrow that shows up to the right of the task when you hover over it.
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As far as the settings to each grid go, they’re relatively limited. You can adjust the size of the grid, with anywhere between 1 and 3 rows and 1 and 3 columns. From there you can also change the name of the grid or delete it.
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If you want to allow other users to view or contribute to the task list, you can email them an invitation by clicking sharing. You can make other users Owners, Editors or Readers.
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Strike takes the simplicity to a whole other level, giving users an easy-to-use, visually appealing task list, which you can access from anywhere – as long as you have an internet connection.
Two Dead Simple Productivity Webapps To Keep You Organized strike1
You don’t have to sign up to use Strike. Simply create your task list, and start adding tasks, and once you’re done you’ll have the satisfaction of crossing them off your virtual list.
Two Dead Simple Productivity Webapps To Keep You Organized strike2
Strike keeps it incredibly simple. You can rearrange tasks by dragging them to the desired spot on the list. Or you can remove a task from your list entirely by dragging it off to the left or the right.
Two Dead Simple Productivity Webapps To Keep You Organized Delete
Strike’s strength is in its simple UI, and its appearance can be tweaked to suit your preferences. All changes can be made from the small, barely visible menu at the top of the page.
Two Dead Simple Productivity Webapps To Keep You Organized Menu
You have three choices of how complete tasks appear on your list. They can be completely removed from the list. Or they can be crossed out.
Two Dead Simple Productivity Webapps To Keep You Organized strike4
Or they can be moved to the bottom of the screen.
Two Dead Simple Productivity Webapps To Keep You Organized strike3
Other ways in which you can tweak Strike’s appearance is to change the background image or color scheme.
productivity web apps
Strike is also collaborative by its very nature since you can share the list with anyone by sending them the link.


Do you have any recommendations for simple ways to keep track of your task list? Let us know in the comments.

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