Database Test Data Generator: Generate Random Databases To Test Your Applications

moin 08-04-2013

Web application developers need a database to test their apps with. Creating a database manually can take quite a bit of time. Here to help you automatically generate a test database is a web service called Database Test Data Generator.


generate random database

Database Test Data Generator is a free to use web service that will be extremely useful to web application developers. The application provides developers with a simple method to generate a random test database that can be used with one’s application.

The website offers a few basic predefined database formats. These formats include user account, blog post, and shop product. You can build on these formats or create one from scratch by assigning column names and specifying their data types. Your custom created database formats (called ‘recipes’ on the website) can be saved on your local machine. This helps reuse the database format when you revisit the website – all you have to do is load up the saved recipe.


The next step is to select an export format. Supported formats include JSON, CSV, and XML; such a variety ensures that a large number of app developers can make use of the website. The default number of entries generated for your random database is 10. But you can modify this and generate as many entries as you want for your database. Once the data is generated, it is displayed in a text-copy form for you to copy and use on your application.


Database Test Data Generator: Generate Random Databases To Test Your Applications Database Test Data Generator2


  • A user friendly web service.
  • Lets you create a random test database.
  • You can use a predefined database template or create your own.
  • Supports JSON, CSV, and XML formats.

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