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How to Make the Most Out of DailyBooth

Angela Randall 09-12-2010

You’ve probably heard of DailyBooth, but if you’re over 20 it’s likely it’s never occurred to you to take a closer look and see what it’s all about. Well, DailyBooth is a fun idea – it’s a neat way to update your friends on your mood or how your day is going by the use of photos.


It doesn’t really matter if you know other people who use DailyBooth already. The community there is fun and outgoing, plus we’ll go through a neat hack to get your Boothing back out to the rest of the world.

Get Started

Signing up on DailyBooth is straightforward and quick, as is posting photos and short blurbs (just remember to save!). Once you’re in, you can use Facebook to search for your friends or you can browse to find other users to follow.

what is dailybooth

Getting Involved

To get a feel for the site, community and how people use DailyBooth, check out the Live Feed (it’s on the People tab). You’ll see all sorts of different people who are updating for myriad reasons: Some are like iJustine who is just everywhere; some are teens who update primarily to share with friends, but don’t mind sharing further; some are looking to meet new people; some are trying to document their days by capturing the little moments.


How to Make the Most Out of DailyBooth Live Feed DailyBooth

It’s easy to follow people from the Live Feed, but if you don’t see anyone you want to follow there, you can take a look at the Suggested Users (also on the People tab).

about dailybooth

For a geographical take on the Live Feed, try out the DailyBooth Map. It moves fast, but it’s pretty interesting to watch.


about dailybooth

Take note of the user profile page too – on each profile, you can see who is following that person and who else that person follows. It’s an easy way to browse for new fun people to follow.

about dailybooth

If you want to get involved in something big, offer to do a photo for the DailyBooth Calendar.


what is dailybooth for

DailyBooth Apps

what is dailybooth for

Update DailyBooth on the go with the iPhone or Android App. Great for when you’re catching up with friends, commuting or waiting around for something.

what is dailybooth for


Why Not Use TwitPic?

There’s a million different ways to share photos online, and for anyone who’s already a Twitter user I expect you’re wondering why you shouldnt just use TwitPic Posting Pictures on Twitter with Twitpic & Flickr Read More . And you could, easily. Your wordcount is shorter, as is your ability to add relevant links to the post, but in essence it’s much the same.

How to Make the Most Out of DailyBooth DailyBooth LiveFeed

On the flip side, you can auto-Tweet your DailyBooth pictures to Twitter followers, so why not be a part of both? Also, it’s true for most people that having a community of people working on similar projects will inspire and nurture you into doing better things with your own project. So, your random pictures of yourself will be far more interesting if you join the DailyBooth community and get some cool ideas for your next pictures.

How to Make the Most Out of DailyBooth DailyBooth Dashboard

Get Your DailyBooth Feed

I’m personally big on getting an RSS feed of my activities from all my social networks, so I was a little disappointed that DailyBooth don’t offer one. However, it’s still possible to get one if you know the trick.

Start with this feed URL (with your username in the middle):

This is the URL for all of your activities and the activities of the people you follow. The feed looks like it should be just your activities, but it isn’t. It will need cleaning up.

How to Make the Most Out of DailyBooth DailyBooth RSS Pipes Filter

Go to Yahoo Pipes and create a new pipe (you’ll need a Yahoo login to do this). Add your RSS feed in a feed module (Sources > Fetch Feed). Then add a filter module (Operators > Filter) and only permit items where the description or title contains your username. The resulting pipe RSS feed will be able to be used in your Lifestream (Friendfeed, Soup or personal lifestream).

More Great Photo Sharing Ideas

what is dailybooth

Let us know your creative photo ideas – tell us how you use DailyBooth and other photo sharing apps!

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  1. seenu
    December 10, 2010 at 12:50 pm

    Good place for almost everything.

  2. John
    December 10, 2010 at 10:47 am

    Hmm, this just seems like a social way to "perv". But then again, maybe that's just me!