TheDailyGentleman: Reminder Service For The Forgetful Gentlemen

One of the frequent complaints that women have with men is that they tend to forget important dates like birthdays, anniversaries etc. The Daily Gentleman is a web-based service that should bring cheer to such ladies (and to the gentleman hopefully!). It is a reminder service meant specifically for such men who are forgetful, and ensures that they are always reminded on time about dates that matter. The cool thing is that the lady needs to fill up a questionnaire on the man’s account and the service accordingly creates a profile and the reminders. Intelligent!


There are all kinds of reminder options available (email, SMS etc). It also sends what it calls “heads up alerts” which are early reminders before the actual reminder so that you know that there’s an important date coming up.


  • Reminder service for men who forget.
  • Profile is created with the help of the lady-in-charge.
  • Various reminder options available.

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