5 Different Dad Sites for a New Perspective on Fatherhood

Mihir Patkar 11-07-2017

Fatherhood raises several questions, and gives you answers for questions you never knew you had. If you’re a dad, you can use a little support. And no one knows what you need like other dads do.


There’s always the option of going to a community of kind Redditors The Kindest Communities on Reddit There are a lot of really great people on Reddit – here's where you can find them. Read More like /r/daddit. But God, that’s just one more thing to do, and one more person to talk to, and you need a moment by yourself!

So, sit back and find a father like you from these sites and blogs, who will help you gain the perspective you need.

1. Single Dad: Single Dad Laughing (Web)

Dan Pearce has been blogging about his chronicles as a single father of a son since 2010. And over the years, he has gained quite the following, not to mention becoming adept at single parenthood. If you’re a father without a partner, follow this blog.

single dad laughing blog

Single Dad Laughing touches upon all the aspects of fatherhood you can think about, and then some. It’s not just about being a father, it’s also about being a person. Pearce’s skillful writing plays second fiddle to his ability to analyze things within him and around him.


Through his legions of fans, Single Dad Laughing also crowd-sources some incredible lessons. The “creepiest things said by kids” series is one of the best reads on the internet.

2. Geeky Dad: Modern Dad (YouTube)

Phil Nickinson used to be a technology journalist and headed a major website. While he has left that behind, the geek in him refuses to die. Meet Modern Dad, where Phil explores how tech fits into the life of a family today.

Phil channels the mind of a geek and the questions it raises. For example, his latest video tackles the question of whether you can actually buy a good suit online. He has previously covered things that a dad should want or need, like reviewing a blood pressure monitor or making a kill switch for kids. And again, this is for the modern, tech-savvy Dad, not about which phone to get an average dad What's the Best Phone for Dad? Father's Day is coming on June 19. Think about getting your father a brand-new smartphone! The only problem: what's the best smartphone for dad? Well, that's what we're here for. Read More .

The videos are short and succinct (usually under five minutes), and Phil answers any question you might have. The only price you have to pay is putting up with his dad jokes.

3. Stay At Home Dad: Dad Blog UK

Since 2012, John Adams has been blogging about his life as the main carer and household manager for his wife and two daughters. And he has earned quite the following, which isn’t a surprise if you check out the range of topics he covers. It’s almost like a list of the best sites that men should know about The 21 Best Websites for Men You Should Know About Sometimes, men and women have their own unique informational needs...and so we try to meet it here with a well compiled list of sites every guy should visit. Read More .

Adams has a lot to say on family life, father’s or men’s issues, and family finances. His love for cars and motoring also translates into several posts on the subject. It’s an insightful perspective on being a stay-at-home dad.

More recently, Adams is more active on his excellent YouTube channel, where he talks about the same subjects. The added bonus in this is that you get to meet his two adorable daughters, so make sure you subscribe to it.

4. Healthy Dad: Fit Dad Fitness (Web)

When you have a child, Michael Ashford believes it’s part of your responsibility to be physically capable of taking care of him or her. Fit Dad Fitness is all about helping dads get in shape for their offspring.

fit dad fitness blog

There’s a lot of paid coaching on the site, but the free resources are excellent. For starters, check out Ashford’s blog, which he updates regularly. His musings on raising his kid, and his interviews with other dads, make for interesting reads. He has also started one of the best podcasts for men 25 of the Best Podcasts for Men Here are 25 of the best podcasts primarily aimed at men. That's not to say no one else can listen to these podcasts, they're just of particular interest to the male of the species. Read More , tackling fitness topics like motivation or scheduling workouts around your child’s schedule.

And then there’s Ashford’s free ebook, Grow Your Own Tomatoes [No Longer Available]. It promises to boost you towards leading an active, fit, and healthy lifestyle.

5. Funny Dad: Fowl Language (Web)

Kids are awesome. But sometimes, they can be more than a handful. Cartoonist Brian Gordon captures all the joys and frustrations of being a father (or a parent) in his comic strip, Fowl Language.

fowl language blog

Depicted as a duck who plays father to two ducklings, Gordon’s alter-ego struggles with everything from putting the kids to sleep to looking back how he used to be cool in his youth and now is as far from it as he could get. It’s all done in good humor though, with a few strips capturing the utter love he feels for his child.

Parenthood has many layers, and Fowl Language explores them all in a humorous vein. Because as every parent knows, sometimes, you just have to laugh.

Fowl Language: Welcome to Parenting (Volume 1) Fowl Language: Welcome to Parenting (Volume 1) Buy Now On Amazon $1.70

And if you can, buy his book and preorder the upcoming second one. It’s not easy for webcomics to make money How Do Webcomics Make Money? The web is full of content ranging from general humor webcomics to webcomics for geeks. Whatever your genre, whatever your niche, you will be able to find an audience as long as you write well... Read More .

What Did We Miss?

The internet is vast and we’re bound to have missed someone you love. Tell us your favorite dad blog, YouTube channel or podcast.

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