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D-Link’s New Line of AI Security Cameras Offer Smarter Detection

Emma Roth 09-01-2020

D-Link has just announced its brand new line of security cameras at CES. However, these indoor and outdoor cameras aren’t your typical run-of-the-mill devices. The four new cameras have different specs, but they all have overarching features that make these security cameras stand out from the rest.


What’s the common quality that all of D-Link’s newest cameras share? They each have AI-powered edge-based person detection, which makes for much smarter surveillance. This means that these cameras can tell the difference between humans and objects, so they won’t get triggered by a branch or car that comes in the frame. Plus, they all have Alexa and Google Assistant integration that only make the devices easier to use.

D-Link Security Camera Mini CES 2020

The Mini Full HD Wi-Fi Camera is compact enough for discreet, indoor recording. Despite its small size, it still records footage in HD, has night vision, utilizes edge-based person detection, as well as has sound and motion detection.

D-Link Security Camera Full HD CES 2020

The next device in D-Link’s lineup, the Full HD Pan and Tilt Pro Wi-Fi Camera, is a cutting-edge indoor camera. Unlike the Mini Wi-Fi Camera, this device supports a full 360-degree view of the room, along with a 340-degree pan and 100-degree tilt feature.


In addition to tracking motion automatically, the camera also uses night vision. Better yet, a two-way audio system with a built-in microphone and speaker can help you communicate with anyone in the room. An ethernet port is located on the device for a more stable connection.

D-Link Security Camera Indoor/Outdoor CES 2020

For more versatility, check out the Full HD Indoor and Outdoor Pro Wi-Fi Camera. You can place this camera inside or outside your house. While it doesn’t come with pan and tilt capabilities, it’s still a strong contender among the bunch.

This camera also uses the smart edge-based person detection and has an Ethernet port for an optional wired connection. With two-way audio, a piercing siren, and a spotlight, you’ll definitely deter any intruders from entering your home.

D-Link Security Cameras CES 2020 Outdoor

The Full HD Outdoor Wi-Fi Spotlight Camera is loaded with even more features. This camera comes equipped with a 400-lumen LED spotlight that allows the camera to record colored night vision. It even has a 90 dB speaker, along with a siren, waterproof housing, and a PIR sensor. Not to mention that it can detect the sound of glass breaking.

You can expect to see D-Link’s security cameras on sale later this year. These cameras are definitely worth a look if you want to make your home security system even smarter.

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