Get a Heads-Up on Cutting-Edge Tech With Microsoft’s New Podcast
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It’s not always easy to find podcasts you want to listen to, especially ones about technology. It seems comedy and crime are the two vogue genres of the podcast world at the moment.

So when a fresh podcast comes along, it’s certain to grab our attention — and the new .future podcast from Microsoft has done exactly that. If you love tech talk, it won’t disappoint you. I promise.

Wait, Microsoft Makes Podcasts?

Yes! It seems the tech giant isn’t solely focused on making operating systems and collecting as much of your data as possible.

While several of the company’s developers and researchers have published Microsoft-branded podcasts in the past, they weren’t affiliated with Redmond. The company’s first official foray into the podcast world happened in early 2017 when it launched the Windows Insider Podcast.

The podcast was a resounding success, lauded by users in the Insider Program. The new .future podcast marks a second official venture, but this time Microsoft products are not the focus.

Get a Heads-Up on Cutting-Edge Tech With Microsoft's New Podcast future podcast 670x356

What’s .future All About?

The podcast is a result of a collaboration between Microsoft Story Labs, technology reporter Cristina Quinn, and Gimlet Creative. As the name suggests, the source material is technologies of the future. Here’s how the creators describe their show:

“The future isn’t random; it’s the result of the choices we make now. Choices about how we think, work, communicate and learn. .future [is] a new podcast that explores tomorrow’s technology today and how it will affect generations to come. The show will feature conversations on the most transformational technologies of our time, from artificial intelligence to Minecraft to cyber security.”

Initial reviews have been overwhelmingly positive. It has a five-star rating on iTunes after its first three episodes.

If you want to subscribe, you can find it in the iTunes Directory or by using the RSS link. The first episode aired on June 28, so make sure you download the old episodes first.

Which technology podcasts do you subscribe to? Let us know in the comments below.

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