Current Caller ID: Caller ID App With Social Features [Android]
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We are constantly getting updates on our social networks (e.g. Facebook, Twitter) from so many people at the same time that it is easy to lose track of events happening in lives of people you really care about (family, close friends, etc). While we may have many friends online, the people we call and text with on our phone are usually the most important ones in our lives. That’s where Current Caller ID comes in.

It is a versatile caller ID app with social features that keep you up to date with the most important people in your life. It identifies caller ID’s of people calling you and brings up their latest social network updates and the relevant local information about the caller.

So whenever a close friend or a family member is calling you, Current Caller ID shows you their latest Facebook/Twitter updates as well as their local information – weather, news etc. This way, you always stay up to date with the important people in your life without having to sift through the countless unimportant updates on your social network profiles.

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Another useful feature of this app is blocking annoying callers. Simply select a recent caller and block their calls, texts or both with a single click. It is currently free and available for download from Google Play store.

Current Caller ID: Caller ID App With Social Features [Android] 32


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