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The European Union is a free market, meaning you can ship an item from one member country to another without any resulting tax. In theory, then, all prices should be the same — but quickly browsing the various international versions What Does Brexit Mean For Your Online Shopping? Britain's decision to leave the UK has had a big effect on the value of the pound, and this could have notable consequences on your online shopping. Here's what you need to know. Read More of Amazon reveals this isn’t the case. This is where comes in handy.


For Amazon is a clean and speedy website allowing you to search Amazon sites in France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, and Spain, and compare prices. If you use this before shopping, you will see which country offers the cheapest prices on Amazon 10 Super Ways to Save When Shopping on Amazon There are plenty of ways to save some bucks when shopping on Amazon that you may or may not know about. Read More , potentially saving you a lot of money.

Curiua: Quickly Compare Prices At All 5 European Amazons CuriuaAmazonProduct web

For instance, as of this writing, a Toshiba 16 GB flash drive costs €8.66 in France, but only €4.90 in Spain. And, a Fossil Men’s JR 1401 Watch costs €135.20 in France, but just €119.00 in Italy.

Additional Retailers

Along with the various European Amazon options, allows you to do comparisons 5 Amazing Amazon Shopping Tips You Probably Haven't Discovered These great Amazon features aren't used every day, but they should be. Read More with other retailers. If a product is available from another location, you will see it immediately on the detail page. The retailers include eBay,,, Intertoys, Hughes,, and several others.

For other examples, a Belkin Charger and Sync Dock for iPhone costs €39.90 on eBay in France, but only €24.72 in the United Kingdom. And, Gucci Guilty pour Homme Eau de Toilette costs €49.99 in Spain, again on eBay, but just €33.64 in the United Kingdom.


Curiua: Quickly Compare Prices At All 5 European Amazons CuriuaeBayProduct web

The difference is obviously going to be bigger for some items than others. And, keep in mind that shipping to your location How to Buy on and Get the Items Shipped Worldwide Have missed some great Amazon deals because the items were not being shipped worldwide? With the right package forwarding service you can buy on Amazon and have packages delivered to you. Read More is not included in the cost. So do some comparisons before making your purchase.

Making Your Purchase

Once you determine what the best deal is, click through to see the product on the retailer’s page for that particular country. Every site you click will open in a new tab.

Curiua: Quickly Compare Prices At All 5 European Amazons CuriuaProduct2 web


Once you’ve reached Amazon, eBay, or the other site that you selected, just make your purchase as normal.

Helpful Features is a very simple site to use and navigate. Plus, it has a few useful features that make browsing and comparing a breeze.

Language Selection

You can choose from eight different languages to personalize your experience on including English, French, and Italian. Just select the language button drop-down box from the top and make your choice.

Curiua: Quickly Compare Prices At All 5 European Amazons CuriuaLanguage web


Finding Products

When you first arrive on, you will see the Great Deal section. This is convenient for grabbing something that catches your eye. You will also notice that when viewing the product detail page, you have the option to mark that item as a Great Deal yourself. This is nice for helping other users.

Curiua: Quickly Compare Prices At All 5 European Amazons CuriuaGreatDeal web

In addition, you will see a scrolling box on the right side of the main page. This displays products that have been recently viewed by other users. You can let the items continue to scroll or use the arrows at the bottom off the box. So again, if an item sparks your interest, just click it for details.

Curiua: Quickly Compare Prices At All 5 European Amazons CuriuaJustChecked web


And, of course, if you have a certain item in mind, there is a search box at the top of the site. Just pop in a keyword and run your search to see what’s available. You can even search by brand, so type in “Apple,” “Chanel,” or “Samsung,” and search away. Once your results display, just click an image and you will see the details.



For another way to customize your experience, select the Preferences button (the gear icon) bear the top of the screen. You will then choose your country from a list with tons of options from Algeria to Zimbabwe. You then have the option to hide merchants that do not deliver to your location.

If you choose Yes, you will see green checks and red X’s in the visibility list below. You also see the country locations for each merchant.

Curiua: Quickly Compare Prices At All 5 European Amazons CuriuaNo web

If you choose No, all retailers in the visibility list will be automatically marked with green checks. Just remember that this means all options will be shown when comparing prices.

Curiua: Quickly Compare Prices At All 5 European Amazons CuriuaYes web

We’d recommend limiting the price comparisons to sites that deliver to your country, just to make the whole process easier.

How has Curiua helped you in the past? Or do you prefer to use a different Amazon price comparison site Where to Find the Best Amazon Deals Outside the U.S. There are lots of sites that help you save money on Amazon in the US, but what about the rest of the world? Read More ? Share your tips and recommendations in the comments below!

Originally written by Justin Pot on March 21, 2013.

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