Cure Your Windows 10 Scrolling Woes by Reversing the Touchpad

Dave LeClair 17-12-2015

Have you ever switched to a new laptop and found that the touchpad 3 Uncommon Ways to Use Your Laptop Touchpad Your laptop's touchpad seems like a simple, boring piece of technology, used only when no mouse is available. But touchpads can be fast and efficient. They have shortcuts for everything from easily scrolling to gestures... Read More scrolled in the opposite direction from what you’re used to? If you come from a Mac, you might find the way you scroll in Windows 10 3 Mouse Scrollwheel Tricks to Improve Your Web Browsing These three mouse tricks will turn you into a web browsing pro. Read More just feels downright wrong.


You don’t need to suffer through a miserable existence of backwards scrolling, though. We are here to show you how to fix the problem and reverse it, leaving you with an overwhelming feeling of Windows 10 bliss The Forgotten Retro Sounds of the Early Windows Era This year marks the release of the final Windows version. 20 years earlier, Windows 95 was born. Do you remember how it sounded? Join us on a nostalgic audio trip down memory lane. Read More !


First, you’ll need to launch a Run box by typing “Run” into Cortana. Enter Main.cpl, which will bring you to the Mouse Properties screen. You’re going to want to access the tab on the far right side of the screen. What it’s called will vary from computer to computer, but it will be something like Device Settings, Touchpad Settings, TouchPad, or ThinkPad.

On the bottom of that tab, click Settings. From there, look for an option labeled Scroll. It should say something like Switch Direction, Reverse Direction or Reverse Scrolling Direction. Remember, the exact options and wording will be slightly different depending on what company makes your computer, but the method to get this area remains the same. This only applies to Synaptics TouchPad How To Disable The Touchpad While You Are Typing Read More , specifically.

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In some cases, if you have a different type of touchpad, you won’t need to do this and instead you’ll be able to change the settings by just going to Settings, then Devices, followed by Mouse and Touchpad. Towards the bottom of the page is a tick box for Reverse Scrolling Direction.

Again, which method you use depends on your computer, but between the two, you’ll be able to get the direction you want.

Have you ever felt the misery of scrolling the wrong way? This can be terrible, we know. Share your horror stories in the comments!

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