CSS3 Playground: Test CSS3 Capabilities & Browser Compatibility

MOin 15-08-2010

The internet is a constantly advancing field of technology. A sub-technology of the internet is CSS3 that, as web developers already know, is an important tool through which you can create wonderful designs to display on websites.


Since CSS3 is an emerging technology, new features are still being added and worked upon – not all web browsers support these features. If you are a developer wanting to experiment with CSS3’s features and check their browser compatibility, pay a visit to CSS3 Playground.

test css3

CSS3 Playground is a free to use website. The site offers various CSS3 capabilities that developers can try out; you can try out radius and box shadows, text shadows, transforms, borders and backgrounds, content and text. With each design you implement, you get styles as set with JavaScript and styles as read from the browser. You can check the browser compatibility of CSS3 features simply by visiting the CSS3 Playground on different web browsers.


Check out “CSS Playground” @ [No Longer Available]

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