CSS3 Gradient Generator: Easily Create CSS3 WebKit Gradients Online

Srikanth AD 24-01-2010

Writing code-based CSS gradients can be tedious and time consuming. But CSS gradients are quite useful and powerful. CSS3 Gradient Generator makes it easier for you to generate CSS3 WebKit gradients.


This site lets you create CSS gradient codes in a graphical user interface. It provides you with color swatches to design the gradient and a slider for each to determine the color’s position in the gradient.

css3 webkit gradient

Once a color swatch is selected, you can use the color picker available on the right to adjust the swatch’s color. CSS gradients generates an image result which can be used anywhere like a border, background image, or a list item bullet based on need. You can control the gradient direction by using the options (left, right, bottom, top) provided or by using custom point locations.

css3 webkit gradient

Changes you make to the controls on the gradient generator will immediately update the gradient sample and the CSS code output.


Note: Make sure you’re using a webkit browser such as Safari, Chrome or Firefox 3.6 beta.


  • Create CSS3 gradients in a visual interface with ease.
  • Immediately preview changes you make to the gradient.
  • Use the generated gradient image as a border, background image or a list item bullet based on need.
  • Control the gradient direction by using the options (left, right, bottom, top) or by custom point locations.
  • Free for use, no registration required.

Check out CSS3 Gradient Generator @ [No Longer Available]

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  1. Scarlet
    April 12, 2015 at 2:39 pm

    Try It supports different options from simple linear to complex radial gradients.