8 Podcasts About Crypto for Future Bitcoin Millionaires
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Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies have exploded into the public conscious.

The price of Bitcoin, the creation of the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto, has fluctuated in price, making some people overnight millionaires, and others bankrupt. Some of the leading altcoins also saw their prices rise and fall.

The returns sound enticing. However, the crypto space can be intimidating for beginners. If you’d like to learn more about cryptocurrencies but don’t know where to start with Bitcoin Learn All About Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Without the Confusion Learn All About Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Without the Confusion Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are making us look at investments in a different way. Take one of these Udemy courses to learn Bitcoin basics expand your knowledge about digital currencies. Read More , you could try listening to a few podcasts. They’ll bring you up to speed on the entire sector in no time.

Here are eight podcasts about cryptocurrencies that every wannabe Bitcoin millionaire needs to listen to. Just be sure not to turn into a Bitcoin bore as a result!

1. The Bad Crypto Podcast

Example episode: “What the Heck is Bitcoin?”

The Bad Crypto Podcast went live in mid-2017 and the two hosts—Joel Comm and Travis Wright—have been turning out new content at an impressive clip ever since. It took them just six months to release their 100th episode.

Joel and Travis take a light-hearted approach to discussing the current issues in the world of crypto, thus making their show extremely friendly for beginners.

If you’re looking for technical jargon and in-depth price analysis, this isn’t the podcast for you. If you want something that’s easy-on-the-ear to listen to in your car on the way to work, give it a try.

2. WhatBitcoinDid

Example episode: “Interview with Jameson Lopp”

The WhatBitcoinDid podcast is a spin-off from Peter McCormack’s excellent blog of the same name.

The show is interview-centric. Since its launch in late-2017, Peter has already interviewed some of the biggest names in crypto, including Luke Martin from Venture Coinist, trading celebrity Jameson Lopp, and crypto journalist Laura Shin.

Unfortunately, Peter doesn’t release new episodes very regularly; you can expect one or two per month. However, the quality of the interviews makes WhatBitcoinDid a worthy addition to your subscription list.

3. Unchained

unchained podcast

Example episode: “The Tax Rules That Have Crypto Users Aghast”

Hosted by the previously mentioned Laura Shin, Unchained offers an enjoyable mix of business and technology that’s suitable for both beginners and seasoned crypto investors.

Interviewees include entrepreneurs, technologists, and investors. They discuss everything concerning crypto assets and blockchain technology.

Shin used to be a Senior Editor at Forbes but left after Unchained started to gain traction. Focusing on the podcast full-time has allowed her to release new content more frequently. The release schedule has gone from two episode a month to two or three new episodes every week.

4. Coin Mastery

Example episode: “Ripple Going On Coinbase? Trade The Rumor, Picking Bottoms, Analyzing History For Profit”

Coin Mastery is run by investor and marketer Carter Thomas.

Unlike the other podcasts we’ve introduced you to so far, Coin Mastery is almost exclusively centered on cryptocurrency trading. Market news, technical analysis, and fundamental analysis all get plenty of airtime.

The show is available as a podcast, but there’s also a YouTube channel. If possible, you should watch the video footage; many of the trading issues the show discusses have accompanying on-screen charts and graphs.

5. The Crypto Street Podcast

Example episode: “Crypto 303”

The Crypto Street Podcast is another interview-based show. Guests are typically full-time crypto traders and miners. Most of the time, the interviewee is also a well-known personality on Twitter.

Indeed, the podcast itself is run by three well-known Twitter users K1llerWh4le, CryptoDale, and Prince.

If Twitter is one of the leading ways in which you receive your crypto news, this is the podcast for you. You’ll be able to listen to many of the people you interact with every day.

6. The Bitcoin Podcast

the bitcoin podcast

Example episode: “Passion, Pain & Unicorn Slayin'”

The Bitcoin Podcast was one of the first crypto-centric shows that became popular. The first episode went live way back in May 2015.

All the episodes take a longform approach; the average episode length is well over 100 minutes. You can expect a new episode to drop every week.

As the popularity of the show grew, the show’s creators expanded the brand into The Bitcoin Podcast Network. The network now hosts seven podcasts in addition to The Bitcoin Podcast:

All the shows are well-produced, and each has a different specialization.

7. Let’s Talk Bitcoin

Example episode: “Lightning in Real Life”

Let’s Talk Bitcoin is the longest-running show on this list. It’s been around since 2013, racking up more than 350 episodes since. At the moment, you can expect two new episodes per month.

The show is co-hosted by Andreas Antonopoulos; he is one of the world’s foremost Bitcoin experts and was an early advocate of the technology.

He’s also a bestselling author. His three books—Mastering Bitcoin, The internet of Money, and The Internet of Money Volume Two—have all been mega hits.

Indeed, Antonopoulos is so well-loved in the community that he received $2 million in Bitcoin donations when he revealed he hadn’t benefitted from 2017’s bull run due to personal cash flow issues.

The Let’s Talk Bitcoin show covers everything from news and investing to real-world applications of blockchain technology.

8. Bitcoins and Gravy

bitcoins and gravy

Example episode: “Don Coyote – A Nashville Band With a Hunger for Bitcoin”

We’ll leave you with Bitcoins and Gravy. It comes out of the same studio as Let’s Talk Bitcoin.

The show is probably the most diverse crypto podcast on this list. It blends music, culture, and Bitcoin chat in a way that no other podcast is even trying to do.

Recent episodes have seen them interview a Nashville band, perform a Bitcoin-inspired spoof of Louis Armstrong’s hit song “Hello Dolly,” and meet up with a group of Bitcoin enthusiasts called Bitcoins & Beer.

Despite a long history, the frequency of new episodes has slowed recently. At the current rate, you can expect about one new episode every month.

Other Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Resources

These podcasts are, of course, just one way to teach yourself about Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, and the blockchain.

If you’d like to read more, check out our other crypto articles. We have taught you why Bitcoin is so valuable, explained everything you need to know about Bitcoin taxes, and discussed why you should keep your coins in cold storage, among other things.

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