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Cronote: Scheduled Email & SMS Reminder

Israel Nicolas 29-10-2011

Living in an online and digital world means that we are fed too many reminders, to-do lists and tasks, and when this overwhelms us, we choose to ignore it and move on. Reminders should be fun, visual, and friendly. Cronote is one kind of e-mail and SMS app that does just that.


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Cronote works by allowing the user to schedule e-mail or SMS reminders. From the dashboard you can add contacts, groups, and more. You can also import your contacts from Gmail and Facebook.

Cronote reminders are visualized with a button. These buttons provide enough visual cues to make it stand out; bringing a spark to the receiver while making sure they understand the reminder. Cronote also makes it fun for the user to remember stuff like movies they need to watch, music events they need to go to, and health advocacies they should be aware of.

This app can also be used to increase your website conversion rate by adding remind buttons to your product pages, and landing pages. In the same way that Amazon uses wishlists, The Remind button will help customers be notified in the future if they are interested in your product but are not ready to buy yet. This provides a more streamlined experience to customers.

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Cronote will more powerful with an upcoming iPhone app. The SMS service is free for up to 50 Cronote credits. This app is useful for anyone who needs a simple and fun way to remind each other.


  • Send visual reminders to friends and family.
  • Available free for up to 50 Cronote credits.
  • Cronote minds lets you interact with customers to make a sale.
  • iPhone App soon to be available.
  • Add grouped contacts to Cronote.
  • Edit the reminder button.
  • Similar Tools: Ping.me, RemindTron, and Remindd

Check out Cronote @ https://www.cronote.com

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