Creepy: Track Any User’s Location Based On Their Social Activity
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Social networks like Twitter and Facebook expose their users in more ways then they can imagine. The “geo-tagging” feature of these networks can expose your location to anybody who wants that information. To highlight this vulnerability, a graduate student has put together this app called Creepy. Creepy lets you track any user’s location and their movements on a map based on the geo-tagging information in their public updates.

The data is extracted from sites like Twitter, Facebook and Flickr and aggregated to present meaningful location-based tracking on a map. Even though the app can be used by some to stalk people online, it really emphasizes the lack of privacy in today’s social networks and the need to do something about it. The app works on Windows and Linux.

track user location


  • Track location and movement of a social network user.
  • Data is aggregated from Twitter, Facebook and Flickr.
  • Information is displayed on a map.
  • Check how exposed you are to the world.

Download Creepy [No Longer Available]

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