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10 Creepy Instagram Accounts Guaranteed to Give You Nightmares

Anya Zhukova 25-02-2019

Instagram used to be known for photos of delicious dishes and beautiful people. Now, it has evolved into something different.


Today’s Instagram is a great platform for those who are looking to express themselves in creative ways. And, of course, for those seeking out unusual content.

Are you into all things unsettling? Do you find yourself looking online for scary stuff? Then follow these creepy Instagram accounts guaranteed to give you nightmares.

1. benjihultsch

Our first pick is an account run by Benji, who is an urban explorer. Originally from Berlin, Germany, he doesn’t just explore his own hometown, but travels all around the world. On his Instagram you’ll see pictures of abandoned locations and old architectural masterpieces covered by dirt and dust.

Some of you might find a certain elegance and beauty in his work. As for everyone else, follow this account to bring some contrast into your bright and cheery Instagram feed.


2. skull_kid_studio

If you enjoy graphic novels, animation, and everything zombie, you should follow Reese Hiebert’s account. His Instagram presents a collection of R-rated animation-style violent pics of superheroes, zombies, and maniacs from famous movies and TV shows. They normally appear in aggressive scenes with fake blood and guts. Hiebert shoots them in 6x zoom which makes his models look lifelike in size.

Even more excitingly, Skull Kid Studio gives his plastic models plot lines as well. Scroll or swipe each image to get more details and complete the story.

3. tonydetroit

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A post shared by Tony Detroit (@tonydetroit) on


The owner of this account, Tony Detroit, not only has a great following on Instagram, but also an interesting back story. Back when he started on Instagram, he thought the app’s main purpose was photo editing and not photo sharing. So his Insta fame took him completely by surprise.

At 355k Instagram followers, Tony Detroit has built his following by showing people what urban Detroit looks like today. His account is a window into a city filled with abandoned buildings, destroyed houses, and old shops. These photos will give you a Silent Hill feel, some of them will probably give you chills too. In other words, this account is perfect for a late night browsing session just before bed.

4. kylehuculakmkpfx

Another professional account on our list is the one run by Kyle Huculak. He’s a special effects and makeup artist. Things you’ll find on his Instagram include creepy masks, scary monsters, and lifelike prosthetics. Some of them will definitely frighten you enough to keep you awake at night.


On top of that, Kyle has worked on some huge films, like Jason and Star Trek. Following him will give you a behind-the-scenes glimpse into how the movie magic is created.

5. baam_aventures

Baam_aventures is an Instagram account run by a group of young people sharing photos that document their urban exploration of various locations in France. If you’re not into graphic images, but do enjoy jaunts around haunted houses and abandoned places, you’ll find everything you need in this account. Whether it’s old churches, abandoned hospitals, or rotten dining rooms—baam_aventures has got you covered.

All the pictures here are taken on an iPhone and have a natural feel to them. Which is perfect for someone with a wild imagination who enjoys developing their own stories.


6. jamiebettsphoto

Richmond, Virginia might not have a chilling Medieval feel to it, but Jamie Betts makes it look pretty spooky on his Instagram account.

This commercial editorial photographer takes truly different photos of his hometown. He finds the locations that look like perfect horror movie sets, and uses his photo editing skills to make them look even spookier. That way, he can make anything seem terrifying—from a graveyard to a perfectly normal wooden chair. So if you’re feeling dark and moody, give Jamie a follow. He won’t leave you disappointed.

7. mahikerbiker

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Doll of the Wild

A post shared by David Whitemyer (@mahikerbiker) on

David Whitemyer, who runs @mahikerbiker account, isn’t actually a professional photographer. He’s a professor at John Hopkins University in Maryland, who also works as a museum exhibit designer. And his love of history and architecture can definitely be seen in the pictures he shares.

There are plenty of abandoned locations and spooky objects on his photographs. However, the thing you’ll enjoy most is how he combines them with clever captions. @Mahikerbiker is yet another Instagram account perfect for exploring forgotten America.

8. hirade

Daisuke Hirade from Sapporo, Japan is a true expert on haikyo. That Japanese term means “ruins” and means the art of capturing spooky decaying places. Hirade published a few kindle books on the topic, and his Instagram is filled with examples of haikyo.

If your Instagram feed is flooded with photos of amazing places around the world 12 Instagram Accounts to See Amazing Places Around the World Instagram can take you to places around the world faster than any vehicle, and for free! You just need to pick the right accounts to follow. Here are 12 Instagram accounts, perfect for travel inspiration. Read More , @hirade will bring some balance to it. It’s a great collection of photos showing deserted cities and ruins from northern Japan. He mostly focuses on abandoned schools, old amusement parks, and hospitals. All of which are perfect horror movie locations.

9. mike.wil

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a flair for the dramatic…

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Speaking of things that look like something straight out of a horror movie. Meet Mike the Mellow, a photographer from North Carolina who specifically takes pictures of old, uninhibited houses. Almost every single photo he posts has a dramatic end-of-the-world-is-near feel to it. And he’s definitely got an eye for finding the most apocalyptic looking buildings.

Another great example of the urban exploration trend, Mike’s creepy Instagram photos will make you question the world around you and the purpose of it all.

10. mothmeister

A friendly warning before we proceed to the last entry on this list—only follow this Instagram account if you’re not a sensitive type. And even if you feel brave enough to follow this one, try and avoid scrolling through the pictures just before going to bed. They’re bound to give you nightmares.

The pair behind @Mothmeister use taxidermy and photography to create their own creepy versions of modern day fairytales. They created a whole universe called “Wounderland”, which boasts characters that range from clowns to grotesque religious characters appearing in the company of stuffed animals. Their creations are extremely creative and have strong visuals. This account is highly recommended for fans of American Horror Story.

Where Do You Go to Look for Creepy?

I think we can all agree that the internet is a weird place. And of course Instagram is not the only site you can go to find creepy content that will keep you awake at night.

If the Instagram accounts mentioned above don’t quite do it for you, you can always rely on the creepiest Facebook pages 10 Creepy Facebook Pages You Need to See Whatever your definition of scary or creepy is, you're going to want to view these Facebook pages, as I've found that they usually find the creepiest content on the web. Read More or the best scary movies to watch on Netflix The 11 Best Scary Movies on Netflix Full of Frights Here are the best scary movies to watch on Netflix that will give you chills, whether or not it's Halloween. Read More to give you a fright. Or have a change of pace entirely with these scenic travel Instagram accounts.

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