CreepSquash: Helps You Protect Children on Facebook

Are you a concerned parent worried about your child’s safety on Facebook? If you want a tool that better helps you battle cyberbullying and similar attacks on your children through the web, then CreepSquash is what you need.

protect children on facebook

CreepSquash works by emailing you a notification each time your child is sent a Facebook message that includes one of the flagged words i.e. inappropriate words. You can then check up on your child’s Facebook friends and see if the sender of the message is ‘social proof’ – whether or not the profile is real – something judged by photos tagged by other friends. Such monitoring keeps you aware of how safe your child is on Facebook and who, if anybody, is bullying or inappropriately interacting with your child.

The site works with your child’s consent as the Facebook username and password of your child’s account is required for the site to work.


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