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Creative Unveils SXFI TRIO USB-C Wired Headphones

James Frew 25-06-2020

There’s a lot to like about wireless headphones—the long battery life, lack of cable clutter, and ease of use. However, even some of the best wireless headsets aren’t ideal for audio reproduction.


If you’ve been looking for a wired set of USB-C headphones, you should check out the newly-launched Creative SXFI TRIO.

What Are the Creative SXFI TRIO?

Creative SXFI TRIO wired headphones

The Creative SXFI TRIO are a set of wired headphones suitable for your phone and laptop. That may sound unremarkable; after all, we’ve been using wired headphones for decades now. However, the SXFI TRIO are equipped with a USB-C connection rather than a traditional 3.5mm jack.

Previously, our devices had to translate digital audio signals to an analog variety that our headphones could broadcast. The USB-C connection found here means that no conversion has to occur, resulting in higher audio quality.

These in-ear headphones are designed to fit snuggly inside your ears. So, although there’s no noise-cancellation included, they can form a seal to isolate you from external sounds. There are six sets of tips in the box, so you can find the size which works best for you.


Creative SXFI TRIO Features and Availability

Creative SXFI TRIO wired headphones resting on a laptop

There are audio controls integrated into the cable so that you can enable features and control music playback. The cable itself is made from Kevlar-reinforced copper and wrapped in a nylon braid for durability. The headphones have a triple driver system for a well-balanced audio output.

This is coupled with Creative’s Super X-Fi Audio Holography. The technology recreates a studio, theater, or high-end speaker environment in your headphones for immersive sound. This also applies when using the headset on calls, so it sounds as though all participants are in the same room.

Wired Headphones Are Still an Option

The Creative SXFI TRIO are available now from Creative’s online store for $139.99.

Although many people have made the switch to wireless headphones, there’s still a sizeable demand for wired headsets. Depending on the set you choose, you may find they offer higher quality audio and are often cheaper than their wireless counterparts.

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