Visually’s Google Analytics Report: Create Infographics From Your Google Analytics Data
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Creating a visually pleasing report in Google Analytics can be tedious, and will usually involve third-party apps. But what if you can create an awesome infographic about your website through your Google Analytics data? Visually’s Google Analytics Report generator offers the quickest way for you to create a presentable Google Analytics report which you can show to your friends, readers, or clients.

create infographics from google analytics

Once you are signed up and logged in to you Visually account, just choose go ahead and click on the Google Analytics Report. You will need to authorize Visually to use your Google account to allow you to choose the website to get your data from.

Using Google Analytics’ API, the tool fetches important web metrics like page views, visitors, engagement metrics, social traffic, SEO, bounce rates, and more. Visually also lets you set the weekly period to show trending and comparisons.

google analytics infographic generator

Once done, you can have a real-time weekly data automatically sent to you, useful for weekly reports to yourself or even for your online clients. As for the infographic design, you will find the image neat to look at with good cues to show trends and changes. The short concluding comment at the end of the image is also a nice touch.


  • Create awesome infographics from your Google Analytics account.
  • Needs Google authorization for the API to work.
  • Choose Google metrics that you want to include including Page visits, bounce rates.
  • Get trending and period comparison.
  • Wait website profiles from Google Analytics to load.
  • Send infographic report weekly.
  • Generate a Google Analytics report presented with an infographic quickly.
  • Download your report straight up.

Check out Google Analytics Infographic Generator @

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  1. Karie
    February 5, 2016 at 1:36 am

    This tool is not supported anymore. :( If anyone has any alternatives, please share!